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interesting affirmations

Announcement: Wish you could change your past? Learn to let go and create a life you love with the Tiny Buddha course! 60 Life Lessons: Insights from Oprah’s Life Class By Lori Deschene Call me a traitor to my gender, but I didn’t grow up watching Oprah. I didn’t have parties with other ladies that involved a television and tissues. I didn’t fill my library according to her book club recommendations. And I didn’t live my life around the question, “What would Oprah do?” Considering my penchant for drama back then, I was more likely to curl up to Jerry Springer than a show without paternity tests and chair throwing. But recently Oprah called to me. Literally. It started when the network reached out to my friend Mastin Kipp of The Daily Love to include him in a webcast for Oprah’s Life Class. I read his excited blog posts about receiving this opportunity, and I was thrilled for him, but having never gotten into her first chapter, I didn’t feel drawn to her next. I also wondered if sometimes Oprah’s celebrity overpowers the messages. Then I watched the webcast, and I realized there is something very powerful going on within this movement. I fell in love with Oprah’s Life Class—both because Oprah leads with humility and authenticity, and because she’s attracted a vibrant community of people learning to let go of pain and open up to joy. As I absorbed myself in the archives of webcasts, I watched people forming new insights, having mini epiphanies, and most importantly, bonding with each other through their common struggles and potential. I wanted to be part of that. Just after my marathon Life Class session, Oprah’s people called and invited me to attend a live taping of her webcast, on Mastin’s recommendation. I’d now have a chance to be part of it, up close. While there were certain spiritual conversations that created a bit of a disconnect for me, I walked away from the experience feeling touched, inspired, and eager to share the work they’re doing there. I considered giving you the highlights of the webcasts from this season, but you can easily watch those yourself. So instead, I’d like to share some of the most profound insights I gleaned from Oprah’s community of “students” in their answers to one of her pre-show questions. (Submitted to her anonymously, unless otherwise indicated): On Self-Love

1. I know now that I must validate myself before I want others to validate me. I need to stop putting myself at the bottom of the pile. ~Cocomo614

2. I know that my time is just as valuable as anyone else’s and I know I don’t have to apologize for putting me back on my to-do list.

3. When I take care of myself, I am confirming my worth to myself. If I give to myself first (time, rest, love), I have more to give to others.

4. Not to be so hard on myself…been through a lot in life but I still deserve to be happy in this life. ~@nerlster

5. I know that it’s okay to have my own opinions and tell the truth.

6. It’s easy to give up on yourself. The hard part is staying focused on being a better you.

7. I know I am a product of what I believe to be true. I know I hold the power… all the power to change when I want to. I have to commit!

8. I have value and merit, that I am intelligent and worthy of love and respect.

9. I don’t have to let my past define who I am today.

10. I have finally realized I am all those good things about myself that others have seen all along.

Interesting read.

Choosing and Visiting a Pro Domme These notes are for those interested in employing a pro domme (female dominant). Some women offer professional domination (pro domme) services. A wide range of BDSM techniques and styles is available, but this does not include sexual services. A session is usually 60-90 minutes, and typically costs $200-$400. This varies by individual, location, services wanted, and other factors. The usual steps for a client: Get a reference to a pro domme. Negotiate on the phone. This usually involves 2-3 calls. Arrive at the session, pay, and do the session. Getting a Reference If you know someone who knows pro dommes, ask them. Look in the back of most "alternative"weekly papers Look on certain erotic web sites. Use E.g. enter a key word and your location. Example key words are "domme", "dominatrix", or "session", plus "bdsm" or "bondage" or similar. For location, try many forms: e.g neighborhood, city, county, region. On the Phone Choose and treat a pro domme as you would any other professional specialist - doctor, lawyer, or mechanic. They're not your lover, they're someone providing a service using relatively rare skills. Some factors to consider: Do they offer the specific techniques and style that interests you? Do you have the right energy/chemistry together? Pro dommes get lots of crank calls, time wasters, and guys hoping for free phone sex. You need to establish yourself quickly as a genuine likely session client. Be prepared to answer: How did you find me? What draws you to BDSM? What are you looking for in session? With whom have you had sessions before? Why do you want a professional session? These might not all be asked directly, but you should have thought about them beforehand. Be entirely honest, e.g. "I've not really done much, but I've got these fantasies, and I think I'm ready to try them out." Then be prepared to tell the fantasy. This is not a time to by shy or reticent. If she's a good pro domme, she's heard it all before. More importantly, she won't be judgmental. She'll appreciate your efforts at articulating any forbidden fantasies. Likely she'll say "I can give you a session in that area". The worst she'll say would be "That's outside the services I offer right now, but I can refer you to someone who does that type of session." Unless you are a repeat customer, you'll be asked to make one or more confirming calls. These allow you to show that you're serious and reliable. The calls might be to the same number, or to another. Don't miss these calls. The last call will be some minutes before the session, and you will get the exact address at that time. A pro domme relies on referrals and repeat business. So she has an interest in your being satisfied with the session. This motivates both the negotiation questions and the session itself. If distance, location, or transportation is an issue, you may ask the general area where the session will be held. Only when you've agreed on an appointment time will you get the exact address, and that may be the day of the session. Most pro dommes have a range of wardrobe. If particular appearance is important or essential to you, say so on the phone. Don't make demands, but just state any important preferences you have, e.g "Boots and corsets are a turn-on for me". Pro dommes come in many shapes, sizes and ages. On the phone she will probably describe herself. If it's not going to work for you, just say it's not what you're looking for. On the other hand, pro dommes benefit from lots of experience, so the best ones are rarely the youngest. In general, price is not negotiable. Don't try to haggle. Further, many customers tip afterwards, just as at a restaurant. Checklist for end of call: Accepted methods of payment (cash, etc.) Session date, time, and duration. Arrival time window. E.g. "Arrive 5-15 minutes early", or "Ring the bell at exactly the session time". Session location. (Approximate location at first, exact address on the day.) Entrance procedures, e.g. which bell to ring. Parking or transit issues. Callback date/time and number. At the Session Arrive on time, or slightly early. If you can't make a session, phone immediately to cancel. Even if it's 15 minutes past the appointment start time, do phone. Don't try to get free extras, such as more time or more services. On the other hand, if the session isn't turning out as you imagined, say so. E.g. "I thought I'd be into caning, but I'm finding it too stingy. I wonder if I'd like something else better, like spanking or flogging." That gives the pro domme information they can work with, while staying within the parameters of the session, and preserving the dominant-submissive dynamic. Many clients of pro dommes are quite concerned about privacy. The session space will have specific procedures so that you don't bump into other clients. Follow these procedures, even if you're not concerned about your own privacy. The venue may have multiple session rooms, and multiple dommes. Other Comments and Advice Be aware that pro dommes talk to each other. They even have their own private email lists. Someone who becomes a problem with one becomes known to them all. You're a client, not a friend. Do you expect your dentist or tax accountant to be your best friend? Don't fall in love with your pro domme. She's probably not available or interested. Someone with pro domme skills can get playmates and lovers very easily. Read the Greenery Press book "Paying for It: A Guide by Sex Workers for Their Clients", edited by our friend Greta Christina. Although most sessions are professional domination, there are some that offer professional submission (pro sub). These same principles apply. A pro sub session will have a third person as safety spotter, and so generally cost a little more. Web sites Professional BDSM and clients discussion group on Fetlife Pro Domme Direcctory group on Fetlife Pro Domme Network group on Fetlife, a SFBA review and advertizing site Referrals If you wish, we can refer you to an ethical, experienced pro domme. If you want this, email us with this information: Explicit permission to pass your note to candidate pro dommes. Contact information (email and/or phone). Your approximate geographic location. What is your BDSM experience, if any? What draws you to BDSM? What are you looking for in session? With whom have you had sessions before, if any? Why do you want a professional session?

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