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Adult Education

What you want is an Adult Education. Want to learn about a kink? explore a fetish? Roleplay something you never dared? I gotchu! Look 20 years of experience, study and Domming….I'll help you get there...and if I can't? I will help you on your journey to find it!

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...give us dirty laundry...

Why is it that scandals sell?

Why is it that drama and bad news is what we want to hear??

If  it's violence...if it's sexual....if it's "bad news"....

hell, even if it's "made up" or as #45 would say "fake news" we eat that shit up...

I mean National Enquirer and tabloids make piles fabricating all kinds of things...

I say, look for the good news of the day.

The power of positive thinking.

If you put out into the world that the tax plan by 45 is catastrophic, that times are tough, that business is slow across the board...then you will reap something lacking in luster -- on the contrary if you put out a successful mindset, positivity, helpful and willingness to pull others up too...guess what is going to happen..

Every. Fucking. Time.

Try it...21 days (how long it takes to make a new habit) Show gratitude, show a positive outlook, do proactive things to better your situation...21 days...without fail. YOU WILL SEE A DIFFERENCE

spring thoughts

So ready for spring.
Bout to take a vacay.
Wish I could find some good red lipstick.
I've got Taylor Swift's "Red" stuck in my head

"I'm hoooome."

whatever happened to Miley anyhow...bit of a shame.

I mean I get it...she's finding her...but there's something to be said for this:

I mean the girl can sing.

Anyhow back to my randomness...

Other thoughts:
I'm tired of everyone being "down" I think we should start a positive movement!
I'm tired of everyone feeling "sick" I think we should start a health movement!

If you read this:I challenge you TODAY go outside, get some fresh air, hopefully sunshine and drink at least 50 ounces of water!

let me know you read this and/or did it and I'll send you a reward!

spring has sprung...

A day in the life of a Domme...

11:38 am: Woke up nice and early *grin*

11:40 Padded up the hall to the kitchen to find that dave the houseboy (my corn-fed-subbie-house boy that is around from time to time) had put on some java --wtg!

Begin taking calls on Niteflirt. Some go great, some are new callers. All are fun!

Had a new person decide to give up control -- signed a contract, working on putting him on a stricter, Mistress Approved Schedule!

Took a break about 7pm for dinner.

Last call of the night, a foot fetish call...hmmm now if someone was here to rub my feet!

It's good to be the Domme.

Click for the web's best phone sex on

interesting affirmations

Announcement: Wish you could change your past? Learn to let go and create a life you love with the Tiny Buddha course! 60 Life Lessons: Insights from Oprah’s Life Class By Lori Deschene Call me a traitor to my gender, but I didn’t grow up watching Oprah. I didn’t have parties with other ladies that involved a television and tissues. I didn’t fill my library according to her book club recommendations. And I didn’t live my life around the question, “What would Oprah do?” Considering my penchant for drama back then, I was more likely to curl up to Jerry Springer than a show without paternity tests and chair throwing. But recently Oprah called to me. Literally. It started when the network reached out to my friend Mastin Kipp of The Daily Love to include him in a webcast for Oprah’s Life Class. I read his excited blog posts about receiving this opportunity, and I was thrilled for him, but having never gotten into her first chapter, I didn’t feel drawn to her next. I also wondered if sometimes Oprah’s celebrity overpowers the messages. Then I watched the webcast, and I realized there is something very powerful going on within this movement. I fell in love with Oprah’s Life Class—both because Oprah leads with humility and authenticity, and because she’s attracted a vibrant community of people learning to let go of pain and open up to joy. As I absorbed myself in the archives of webcasts, I watched people forming new insights, having mini epiphanies, and most importantly, bonding with each other through their common struggles and potential. I wanted to be part of that. Just after my marathon Life Class session, Oprah’s people called and invited me to attend a live taping of her webcast, on Mastin’s recommendation. I’d now have a chance to be part of it, up close. While there were certain spiritual conversations that created a bit of a disconnect for me, I walked away from the experience feeling touched, inspired, and eager to share the work they’re doing there. I considered giving you the highlights of the webcasts from this season, but you can easily watch those yourself. So instead, I’d like to share some of the most profound insights I gleaned from Oprah’s community of “students” in their answers to one of her pre-show questions. (Submitted to her anonymously, unless otherwise indicated): On Self-Love

1. I know now that I must validate myself before I want others to validate me. I need to stop putting myself at the bottom of the pile. ~Cocomo614

2. I know that my time is just as valuable as anyone else’s and I know I don’t have to apologize for putting me back on my to-do list.

3. When I take care of myself, I am confirming my worth to myself. If I give to myself first (time, rest, love), I have more to give to others.

4. Not to be so hard on myself…been through a lot in life but I still deserve to be happy in this life. ~@nerlster

5. I know that it’s okay to have my own opinions and tell the truth.

6. It’s easy to give up on yourself. The hard part is staying focused on being a better you.

7. I know I am a product of what I believe to be true. I know I hold the power… all the power to change when I want to. I have to commit!

8. I have value and merit, that I am intelligent and worthy of love and respect.

9. I don’t have to let my past define who I am today.

10. I have finally realized I am all those good things about myself that others have seen all along.

...and the truth is

you really have to understand both sides...

one needs to bottom, to fully submit, to be a good top...

random sexy saturday

from here:
A dominatrix said to me
if you like pain then we shall see
just how excruciatingly
your pain greets sensuality.
I looked at her quite nervously
but answered with servility.
She cracked her whip quite rhythmically
it touched my flesh arousingly,
more, more, I purred excitedly
she smiled at me salaciously,
' You are my slave you must agree
' ' Oh yes ' I groaned compliantly.
I gave myself most willingly
as she looked down imposingly,
her servant I will always be
subservient to tyranny,
I am the lock and she the key
that opens my frigidity.

girls like me....

They got a word for girls like me.
they've got a name, but they don't wanna use it.
It's all the same to girls like me.
It's all or nothing to girls like me.
I'm going to jump. I'm going to shout.
I'm going to making with the bad boys

Girls like me.....

and of many of ya'll know...i am a cali girl..(originally)

and...yep...pure valley girl (although technically the wrong valley)

yikes! What's happening here?!?!?!?!

Well, I'm not 100% sure what's happening in this shot...but I think I like it!!! No, make that I KNOW I like it!!


this is a sexy friend of mine Annie Vox. Musician, Artist, Smoking Siren and Goddess extraordinaire! She is simply stunning and sexy as fuck. That said, she's soon to be coming to niteflirt...lucky you! So, may I suggest you check out her site: as well as check out her video clips for sale!

She has a variety of goodies already available and I believe can do custom things by request. That said boys, enjoy!

A quick (n sexy) clip of Annie

Go check her out!!

bow down bitches.


heh. nothing like slam dunkin' a Domme session...ya'll know you can't get enough of don't even try to kick your addiction!

It's hot ass august! let's rock!

a discussion on footwear/feet/and the worship of all...

So, a common theme in my phone calls/Domming is the worship of feet. MY feet in a variety of states. Some dig barefoot (yeah, I am country, I walk around bare-foot much of the time) or even flip flops (yeah I heard a few of you cringe, sorry they are comfy, and they show off my pedi/toe rings :P)

but, on the other hand there's those of you that dig my honesty in that yes, I do (at times have stinky feet! lol yeah, female pheromones and all that. I get it "the smell of a woman" and thought of getting drowned, or immersed in my scents is enticing...

but, there's some of you that dig the whole "freshly pedi'd" look, knowing my feet will smell like ______ (fill in the lotion smell)

I digress, this is to be on footwear. While I typically don't run around in heels (at 5-8 heels make me frightfully tall) I do enjoy a variety of shoe styles. So, over the past couple of days, I had a convo about boots: such as these...

or open toed pumps such as these (my boy that likes to go play in the sandbox digs these! Isn't that right Randy?)

and then, the ones I toed, ankle strap:

(those would put me at 6-2 a little intimidating? heh.

I will save the discussion of socks, stockings, thigh highs, panty hose, nylons, tights and yadda for another day...(that's a whole different kettle of fish and a fetish unto it's own--*mumble of wolford ftw*

So, boys, what is sexy? the recorded listing on feet is pretty blah, might go into more specifics :) that said, feel free to send me a note on niteflirt OR and let me know "what's hot" as far as footwear goes :)

"you better do right or I'll fuck you up!"

"you better bow down and get on your knees...."

yeah...ya'll know...

Ok, so let me know what's good...recorded listings will be updated soon, if not already...

oh yeah...and Toby.
and btw, idgaf if ya'll wanna see him or page, my eye candy. heh.

yeah yeah Keegan...whatever, I know his character of Toby.

Oh yeah, and for those of you that dig us brainiac blondies but have a smoking fetish? check out my buddeh...ever so sexy Annie Vox...aww yeah, you know how us blondes roll :)

Click on her delish image and you'll be taken to her world :).

well that's it boys, as always find me at:

or email:

~swats DJ a phenomenon...


holy shit! Didya get a load of those?!?!?! you know i need that.

anyhow, it'd been a while since i'd been here and's the middle of the night and i'm wrecked. That said, don't forget my sexy friends blog:

ok...that sums it up for now. oh yeah.. keegan/toby. heh.

and awww yeah, he's singing!

very sexy friend of mine...Annie Vox...

Ok guys..this one...not about me...but about a gorgeous friend of mine..she's just getting started on show her some love. Bonus if you're into the smoke fetish! The gorgeous and sexy Annie Vox has joined Niteflirt...and dig this...she's a friend of mine...go check her out...seriously...sexxxxxxxxy!! (this will take you to one of her blogs!) or check this out: you tube vids...she does customs...and a variety of sexy naughty things!!! there is her niteflirt!

a long overdue (for here update)

ok so they are stalking toby's sister...

but who cares? it's toby ffs! lol


i need a good summer song for this year...

give me suggestions...

some from the past:

she's my cherry pie...and baby talk dirty to me!


hair bands...delish...delish...delish..<3 rip Jani Lane you were a sexy mofo! themesong:


and i know you like it tooooooo...

Don't be afraid...i won't bite...

favorite eexy song from when I was a little kid.... sexxxxxy movie scene from Twilight and the uber sexy Toby (oh yeah and Spencer too) from Pretty little liars... a trifecta of yum XOXOXOXO