Birthday shenanigans, published author, NFTS and breaking news!

Ok, let's start with that it's ALMOST my birthday month! (Your favorite Domme's bday is the 14th!) -- you know I am!

So....for starters, the Holiday line is open!!

Next: I wrote/cowrote a book with Kylie Gable (Feminization) that was published by Candy Apple Press. It can be found here:

And...I put up my first NFT!!! CLICK HERE TO GO SEE

The final bit of breaking news! Your favorite Domme (you know I am!) is verified on PornHub! (no, I won't be making pornos or videos, it is for erotic/BDSM audios.) it can be found here:

It's finally summer, so hopefully this finds you well. Between Covid still being a thing, and our country deciding that half the population isn't smart enough to control our own bodies...I'm pretty well over the news. But, I for one and excited summer is finally here! Stay hydrated and you know how to find me!

Now what the hell's an NFT?! BREAKING NEWS

 Welp, your girl (and favorite Domme, you know I am!) has gone and done it...

I will be making NFT's...

some audio, some art...and who knows???

 Welp, your girl (and favorite Domme, you know I am!) has gone and done it...

I will be making NFT's...

some audio, some art...and who knows??? the logo and goto my NFT site!

How is it possibly April already?

Ok, well. I'm uncertain how it became April already, wasn't it just last week we were saying Happy New Year?!

Apparently not.

So, lent...who is participating? Did you give up bad habit? *eyes a few of you* Did you decide to pick up new good habits? *eyes even more of you*

I think you know I like to bring some education here to my little corner of the world, so today I'd like you to learn about yourself.

Please disregard the "deviant" comment on their landing page, I find that incredibly disrespectful.  The goal here is to find out where you are on the kinkster scale. Are you more Dominant than you thought? Do you have fetishes you were unaware of? 

Feel free to share the results with me, or don't...your choice, this isn't an assignment, but rather a learn more about yourself endeavor.    


Now for some education:


Use your senses (today is about the ears/hearing)

I will give you an interesting example of two examples (auditory) that I knew I had as a fetish/turn on and one that is new:

The first one is the sound of leather and it's rustling? crunching? moving? etc. It's not a common sound and I have heard it the few times I needed help from law enforcement and either their belt or boots made the noise (so I found it a comfort) I am unaware of the sound when I wear the leather myself (maybe kind of like why you can't tickle yourself? food for thought) But, when my Alpha is wearing something leather and shifts around it's bliss to my ears. (Eargasm incoming!!! kidding, sort of)

The second is quite simple. The sound of coffee being stirred in a certain pattern and way (but consistently everytime.) Again, a comfort thing as it goes back to childhood. When my dad, a pilot, was home, I'd hear him make coffee in the morning so those sounds meant "he's home." In the mornings, when my Alpha makes coffee, I've noticed the same consistent way of stirring coffee..."he's home."

Now the new one isn't for the faint of heart or if you didn't know I can be "switchy" now might be a good time to secure your seatbelt, put on your safety glasses and hold on! (although, if you know me, you know this) a new sound that is delightful is a belt (buckle particularly) being messed with...the jingle? the clanking? whatever word you want to give it. Simply delightful.

Ok DJ great. Why did you share this? Because whether virtually or in person, USE YOUR SENSES!! Even if you are exploring solo or playing solo...use your senses (more than just visual or touch) smells, sounds, tastes can all be incorporated and I'd encourage you to do so.

2022 - the year of...???

Well, for the Chinese New Year it will be the year of the Tiger. I figure that should make for a good year. (Monkey that I am personally but I digress...) I figure we could use a Tiger or Dragon year...

But, how has 2022 been treatin' ya?

are you good?

It can't be night forever....

that said, I'm bringing some Lenny back because... well, I get subs from all over the world (today was from Germany and Japan for example)

Here I thought Dommes from Germany were supposed to be world known to be the best...

yet...they call/contact Me.


American Woman...*sings loudly*

So sing it for me Lenny... v and hang in good to yourself and to others.

Sithmas, Last month of the Year? You know I'm gonna bring it!

...Think of all the gangstas that I haven't kissed...???

So, another year is about to be in the books. Your favorite Domme (you know I am!) Wants to wish you all the best for the holiday season and in the new year! Remember to take time to count your blessings, tell people you love them and remember time is the most precious thing/gift of all!

Some one told me today that I rock their world, that I take away the stress and BS of life in the covid-era and that they genuinely believe everything will be okay.

We ALL answer to someone.

Yes, that includes me...I answer to One as well (remember, I am switchy for a rare One and as most of you know I have a soft spot for Dark Lords...well He is One!)...anyhow my One has been reminding me as of late to take time to slow down and savor moments. (A new thing is tea time during the day.)

So -- trust me on this: your assignment during the holiday season is to pause, have a cup of your favorite warm drink and reflect in the moment.

Sithmas is coming, but you won't be!

As usual I am turning on the Holiday line, a thanks to you good boys for being sweet to me all year (or a chance to introduce yourself if you've not done so yet!)

you can find it here:

Click the Fire to go to the Holiday Line!

All are welcome!