Guess who's back?

Yep! Your favorite Domme/buddy/partner in crime is back!

I've been under the weather....but now...buckle up!!!

Thanks to those that sent gifts, tributes and bought goodies in my absence...not working, when used to working daily (and talking to ya'll) I miss it!

Here comes the rain again...

I enjoy rain...but not for 10+ days if you notice I'm off of my normal schedule, that's why!

So: (has all my links!)

I'm even on AVN stars:

And you know I can always be found on Niteflirt

Holiday Line will be Open the 28th-31st

The holiday line will be open the 28th-31st - $1.00 a minute and all are wel-cum (welcome!)

I am not a fan of Halloween, but I will be offering some "themed" mp3's and customs will be on sale those days...

so, get ready!!