Holiday Line will be Open the 28th-31st

The holiday line will be open the 28th-31st - $1.00 a minute and all are wel-cum (welcome!)

I am not a fan of Halloween, but I will be offering some "themed" mp3's and customs will be on sale those days...

so, get ready!!

The Goodies Store

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First, I wrote an article on SimplySxy about a year ago:

During Jerkoff Instruction (JOI) a Domme (me) will tell and sometimes instruct a man how to masturbate. The instruction will usually tell men how hard or soft to jerk off, how rapid his strokes should be, and where and how firmly he should touch. 
There are two JOI: jerkoff encouragement (JOE) which is positive reinforcement helping a male to orgasm (think Pavlovian mentality with "good boys" included.), and jerkoff humiliation,  making the man feel dirty or ashamed of his arousal and desire to masturbate.
I do have a specific line for it here:


Or you can request a custom (that will guide YOU specifically how to masturbate!)