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Just watch me now. (All eyes on me)

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Dominatrix - a love song??

What is figging?

Please review this infographic for more information on the practice and application of figging.

On this radio silence from me.

17 years ago...something crazy happened. A country song I love says "A sucker punch came flying from somewhere in the back...." Here's the deal: whether it was some sort of Illuminati move or the Rothschild family....some church/religion/movement or some sort of an inside crazy something...(Or, if Osama bin Laden coordinated it as the timeline states) Here is what I know: This country I was born in raised in...the one I would march proudly in my red, white and blue twirling my baton for the parade....the one that I love coming back to after global was attacked that day.

2977 people (and 19...well...) lost their lives that day. There were moments that redefines heroes - FDNY and first responders rushing into buildings as people were rushing or jumping out...people on planes taking the planes down so no more than needed suffer....people helping people...Americans helping Americans...all those that were moved to sign up for the military the next day.... I am b…

Sub fever - an original poem

you are: Too hungry and over enthusiastic
Trying far too hard and too fast.
A taste was delivered, yet now you beg.
Do you believe you're deserving?
I understand. you need this.

Consider this your first lesson.
I craft a scene, in a room, on the phone; in your mind.
But the moment is fleeting.
Then disappears, as if it never happened.
Leaving you, fragile, with your desire.

Diagnosis: sub fever Presciption: full submission

Captain's Log: Stardate 06172018 at 0200 hours.....

What is DJ doing?? A better question might be...what is DJ SUPPOSED to be doing. Saturday night was quiet, which is normal - it hits 11pm and though I'd decided I'd make a few recordings/mp3s several guys decided it was time to call... Then...I ate too many butterscotch candies...(sugar wheeeee) and drank two big mugs of coffee (yahoooooo) Now I have miss Victoria dressed and looking for the parties in her neighborhood while "cackling like a witch" (her words) and eating a hamburger patty -- True story... Yeah...all these plans to make like 3 recordings, and here I am -- causing my favorite cross dresser to get wolf whistled at by a truck full of hotties.... I truly love my life. You can't make this stuff up!! (See the special and new Victoria page HERE)