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Objectophilia is a fetished form of sexuality focused on inanimate objects. Usually the object of lust is a specific item or a couple -- not just random items. People that have this sexualized object preference may have feelings of lust, attraction, love, and even seemingly have a relationship to or with certain items or structures relative to their focus. One must wonder if there is a slippery slope with sex toys, blow up dolls and fetishes for items like shoes, panties etc.

I personally want to call it "Nounophillia" a phenomenon...


holy shit! Didya get a load of those?!?!?! you know i need that.

anyhow, it'd been a while since i'd been here and's the middle of the night and i'm wrecked. That said, don't forget my sexy friends blog:

ok...that sums it up for now. oh yeah.. keegan/toby. heh.

and awww yeah, he's singing!

she's my cherry pie...and baby talk dirty to me!


hair bands...delish...delish...delish..<3 rip Jani Lane you were a sexy mofo! themesong:


and i know you like it tooooooo...

100% reason to remember my name.

The movement continues...

5% pleasure

50% pain...

100% reason to remember my name!

Join the movement now or wonder what the fuck you missed...

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