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Sexual Encounter-
It all began so simple - an ad for a phonesex company.
An image, a promotional blurb a resume of filth and of kink. A desire that was contained in her grey eyes - was that a wall of restraint or torturous gates keeping him out?
Then she sent him a text/sext--she commanded 'I want to talk to you'.. 'I want you to stroke for me'.. 'Isn't it time you gave up control?'..
His heart pounding so strongly was it fear or lust?
Imagining all of dark fantasies that had lingered for many years before....
Pictures imagined and expectations created...
He dialed the phone...igniting ignition for his rocket ship.
She answered with "Hello, who is this?"
She has everything prepared, like an exquisite execution of a blueprint. She needed no introduction...
he gave her a name...a name to be called with trembling and trepidation in his voice...
'Why are you shaking pet? ', 'Are you afraid? '
he cannot answer...between his raging erection and her low calm tone he's slipping under into subspace.
'I feel so funny...' he says, unable to formulate what he's feeling.
'That's normal, that's subspace...just savor it." the Mistress reassures.
She uses him as her play thing as long as she wishes...all night long. He wonders if it's sexually exciting for her too, but he dare not ask.
He is her slave for the moment. She can have him any way she could imagine.
He could spend hours between her legs; at her feet; at her whims.
'Get on your knees, pet and wait.'
She speaks of edging, of control and of chastity.
She explains as a pet nothing is his.
His cock, his time and his wallet are all hers to do with as she will.

It feels as if months had gone by in his mind until the next time he can speak to The One..
She asks him if he wants to stay, to live in her world forever? She gives him assignments to soothe his sub-frenzy... But before he can think to answer;  She has vanished...she now dwells deep in the recesses of his mind as well as his loins...

To be continued....

when you were "one of the cool kids"

Realize instead that:

Challenge for the new year:

Be happy in your own skin!

1. Get real.

Do the work to get clear about who you are—not just who you routinely consider yourself to be, the person you habitually show the world—but who you are in the deepest recesses of your authentic heart and soul.
The word “authenticity” is misunderstood sometimes. People think of it as a virtue, like honesty . . . like you owe the world your authenticity and you should feel bad if you’re not authentic. That’s not the case. I’m not suggesting you should become more authentic because it will make you a better person—you already are a phenomenal person. I’m telling you that becoming more authentic is your golden ticket—to joy, to success, to vibrant health and energy, to easily manifesting the life of your dreams. It’s every bit that transformative. You’re not doing this to better serve the world; you’re doing it to better serve you. But—happy bonus!—it happens to be the best way to serve your loved ones and the world as well.

2. Adore YOU.

If you’ve been on a personal development path for a while, I’m probably not the first to suggest that you need to love yourself. But I’m surprised to discover how often my students don’t really seem to know why I’m so insistent on that point. Are you tired of hearing about how you need to love yourself more? Does the thought of it feel kind of like of a burden—one more thing to check off your To-Do list? Does the whole concept feel a bit worn-out and cliché? Maybe you just need to understand what’s in it for you. Self-love is the fastest route to literally anything you want right now. Money, love, health, romance . . . it all hinges on your level of self-love. The circumstances of your life are always providing you a crystal-clear, precisely accurate measure of how much you love yourself and what you believe you deserve. All you can ever create is what you believe you’re worthy of experiencing. It’s an immutable energetic law. That’s why elevating self-love is the not-so-secret path to elevating everything else.

3. Trust your wants.

Stop trying to justify and rationalize your most heartfelt desires. Your desires are the clearest indicator of who you are. Denying them is denying you. No one needs to understand why you want what you want. You don’t even need to understand it yourself. Just trust it, and trust yourself to manifest it. The reason you don’t already have everything you want is crazy-simple. You don’t love yourself enough yet to deeply believe that you deserve everything you want. My students argue that sometimes, but they always discover it’s true. You might even believe, on a conscious level, that you do deserve a certain thing, but I promise you that if you were fully, wholly believing you deserved it—even in the cobwebby corners of your unconscious belief system—it would already be in your life.

4. Stop trying to vanquish the “bad stuff.”

And stop whining about it, too. Celebrate our unwanted circumstances because there’s so much valuable information for us in them. Get clear on why your unwanted circumstances are here and why you created them. Then use them as a springboard. Once you can start genuinely thanking “the bad stuff”, it’s pretty easy to move past it.

5. Take responsibility.

Own every last drop of everything you’ve ever created. We’re so conditioned to blame our unwanted circumstances on other people, or on the “system” or the world . . . What if it’s really all within your control? Taking full responsibility for the life you’ve created for yourself and the life you’re in the process of creating is hugely empowering. But it requires first getting uber-honest to a degree that’s terrifying for most people. Don’t be “most people.” Understanding that you alone are holding the reins on your life is the first critical step toward learning how to operate them.

6. Stop tolerating.

Tolerating is slow emotional suicide. It sucks the life out of you, drains your energy, numbs you, depletes you, and keeps you immobilized. There’s no reason for you to ever tolerate anything. We sometimes confuse tolerating with accepting—we all know it’s good to accept the things we can’t change, right? If we make very clear distinctions between what can be changed and what can’t, then it’s astounding the kinds of life-altering adjustments people are able to easily, joyfully make when they understand the underlying reasons they’ve been tolerating things.

7. Get out of the spin cycle.

Where in your life are you on autopilot, creating the same situation for yourself (in essence) over and over again? Maybe you keep dating the same romantic partner. Maybe the current model is better looking, or more successful, or slightly more open than the one before, but in essence you’re with a lover who triggers your tried-and-true insecurities, defense mechanisms, and familiar unhealthy spirals. Or maybe you find yourself in the same employment dynamic over and over again—even if you change careers completely. Maybe you’ve attracted a series of supervisors, or a series of friends, who stir up the not-good-enough feelings a parent invoked for you as a child. Escape the spin cycle by learning how to look closely at how these patterns develop and how to benefit from the opportunities they offer.

8. Permanently shift your beliefs.

Focus on the deliberate rewiring of your belief system because your beliefs are determining everything you experience as your reality. That’s not New-Age speak anymore; it’s common knowledge. It’s why researchers always have to use placebo control groups whenever they test any drug. If they don’t have a group taking a sugar pill, their findings won’t be considered valid by the agencies that govern pharmaceuticals. In pain-control experiments, when a new pain pill is tested, fully half of the sufferers who are given a placebo will report having less pain. The mind is that powerful and the scientific community knows it. Changing your mind will change your life. Many of your limiting beliefs are not unique to you; our culture suffers from a long-standing epidemic of crappy shared beliefs. Most of us, at some level, harbor the same fears, the same tragic self-doubts, and the same profound longings to be liberated from our self-made prisons. In our outer circumstances, we may vary greatly, but at deeper levels, this is seldom the case. If you aren’t living the precisely blissful, richly textured life you crave, take the steps to discover which of your beliefs are keeping you from it and what you can do about that.

9. Dream loudly.

Stop limiting yourself according to what seems practical. Practical goals do not inspire enough passion to propel you toward their certain fruition. As John F. Kennedy wisely surmised, “The problems of the world cannot possibly be solved by skeptics or cynics whose horizons are limited by the obvious realities. We need men who can dream of things that never were.” Be those men (and women.).

10. Live passionately.

Once you’ve done the self-examination work to uncover your most delicious desires, don’t pussyfoot toward them. Hurl yourself recklessly in their direction! Trust that the Universe wildly adores you and is always orchestrating on your behalf. It’s been waiting for you to get pumped and grow a pair so that it could swoop in with divine assistance that will leave you breathless.

Interesting read.

Choosing and Visiting a Pro Domme These notes are for those interested in employing a pro domme (female dominant). Some women offer professional domination (pro domme) services. A wide range of BDSM techniques and styles is available, but this does not include sexual services. A session is usually 60-90 minutes, and typically costs $200-$400. This varies by individual, location, services wanted, and other factors. The usual steps for a client: Get a reference to a pro domme. Negotiate on the phone. This usually involves 2-3 calls. Arrive at the session, pay, and do the session. Getting a Reference If you know someone who knows pro dommes, ask them. Look in the back of most "alternative"weekly papers Look on certain erotic web sites. Use E.g. enter a key word and your location. Example key words are "domme", "dominatrix", or "session", plus "bdsm" or "bondage" or similar. For location, try many forms: e.g neighborhood, city, county, region. On the Phone Choose and treat a pro domme as you would any other professional specialist - doctor, lawyer, or mechanic. They're not your lover, they're someone providing a service using relatively rare skills. Some factors to consider: Do they offer the specific techniques and style that interests you? Do you have the right energy/chemistry together? Pro dommes get lots of crank calls, time wasters, and guys hoping for free phone sex. You need to establish yourself quickly as a genuine likely session client. Be prepared to answer: How did you find me? What draws you to BDSM? What are you looking for in session? With whom have you had sessions before? Why do you want a professional session? These might not all be asked directly, but you should have thought about them beforehand. Be entirely honest, e.g. "I've not really done much, but I've got these fantasies, and I think I'm ready to try them out." Then be prepared to tell the fantasy. This is not a time to by shy or reticent. If she's a good pro domme, she's heard it all before. More importantly, she won't be judgmental. She'll appreciate your efforts at articulating any forbidden fantasies. Likely she'll say "I can give you a session in that area". The worst she'll say would be "That's outside the services I offer right now, but I can refer you to someone who does that type of session." Unless you are a repeat customer, you'll be asked to make one or more confirming calls. These allow you to show that you're serious and reliable. The calls might be to the same number, or to another. Don't miss these calls. The last call will be some minutes before the session, and you will get the exact address at that time. A pro domme relies on referrals and repeat business. So she has an interest in your being satisfied with the session. This motivates both the negotiation questions and the session itself. If distance, location, or transportation is an issue, you may ask the general area where the session will be held. Only when you've agreed on an appointment time will you get the exact address, and that may be the day of the session. Most pro dommes have a range of wardrobe. If particular appearance is important or essential to you, say so on the phone. Don't make demands, but just state any important preferences you have, e.g "Boots and corsets are a turn-on for me". Pro dommes come in many shapes, sizes and ages. On the phone she will probably describe herself. If it's not going to work for you, just say it's not what you're looking for. On the other hand, pro dommes benefit from lots of experience, so the best ones are rarely the youngest. In general, price is not negotiable. Don't try to haggle. Further, many customers tip afterwards, just as at a restaurant. Checklist for end of call: Accepted methods of payment (cash, etc.) Session date, time, and duration. Arrival time window. E.g. "Arrive 5-15 minutes early", or "Ring the bell at exactly the session time". Session location. (Approximate location at first, exact address on the day.) Entrance procedures, e.g. which bell to ring. Parking or transit issues. Callback date/time and number. At the Session Arrive on time, or slightly early. If you can't make a session, phone immediately to cancel. Even if it's 15 minutes past the appointment start time, do phone. Don't try to get free extras, such as more time or more services. On the other hand, if the session isn't turning out as you imagined, say so. E.g. "I thought I'd be into caning, but I'm finding it too stingy. I wonder if I'd like something else better, like spanking or flogging." That gives the pro domme information they can work with, while staying within the parameters of the session, and preserving the dominant-submissive dynamic. Many clients of pro dommes are quite concerned about privacy. The session space will have specific procedures so that you don't bump into other clients. Follow these procedures, even if you're not concerned about your own privacy. The venue may have multiple session rooms, and multiple dommes. Other Comments and Advice Be aware that pro dommes talk to each other. They even have their own private email lists. Someone who becomes a problem with one becomes known to them all. You're a client, not a friend. Do you expect your dentist or tax accountant to be your best friend? Don't fall in love with your pro domme. She's probably not available or interested. Someone with pro domme skills can get playmates and lovers very easily. Read the Greenery Press book "Paying for It: A Guide by Sex Workers for Their Clients", edited by our friend Greta Christina. Although most sessions are professional domination, there are some that offer professional submission (pro sub). These same principles apply. A pro sub session will have a third person as safety spotter, and so generally cost a little more. Web sites Professional BDSM and clients discussion group on Fetlife Pro Domme Direcctory group on Fetlife Pro Domme Network group on Fetlife, a SFBA review and advertizing site Referrals If you wish, we can refer you to an ethical, experienced pro domme. If you want this, email us with this information: Explicit permission to pass your note to candidate pro dommes. Contact information (email and/or phone). Your approximate geographic location. What is your BDSM experience, if any? What draws you to BDSM? What are you looking for in session? With whom have you had sessions before, if any? Why do you want a professional session?

girls like me....

They got a word for girls like me.
they've got a name, but they don't wanna use it.
It's all the same to girls like me.
It's all or nothing to girls like me.
I'm going to jump. I'm going to shout.
I'm going to making with the bad boys

Girls like me.....

and of many of ya'll know...i am a cali girl..(originally)

and...yep...pure valley girl (although technically the wrong valley)

very sexy friend of mine...Annie Vox...

Ok guys..this one...not about me...but about a gorgeous friend of mine..she's just getting started on show her some love. Bonus if you're into the smoke fetish! The gorgeous and sexy Annie Vox has joined Niteflirt...and dig this...she's a friend of mine...go check her out...seriously...sexxxxxxxxy!! (this will take you to one of her blogs!) or check this out: you tube vids...she does customs...and a variety of sexy naughty things!!! there is her niteflirt!

This just in from Galaxy News Radio--He's hackin' whackin' and smackin!

He's hackin' and whackin' and smackin...

choppin' that meat!

This is a of a special kind...
Do you wish to me a part of it?
CBT/Guidance/Strokers paradise!

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