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SSC safe sane consensual

Where 50 shades went really really wrong.


Christian consistently forces and manipulates consent out of the innocent, young, virginal Anna. In one scene Christian uses alcohol to gain consent out of Anna. There is nothing ethical about drawing consent out of someone that is not sober. Christian gains consent out of Anna by playing on her fear of losing him when he presents her with a contract that she either has to sign or get out of his life. That is not true consent and there is no room for negotiation. When we manipulate what we desire by pushing on the fear of loss or making it about “if you really cared about me….you would do this or that” we are forcing consent.

In a healthy Bd/Sm relationship consent is either given out of a place of safety and desire or not. An experienced ethical Dominant in the Bd/Sm scene would never force consent unless that was a game that the partners were playing called “Consensual Non Consent” when the players consent to “being forced”. Consent is a big deal in the Bd/Sm communi…

Gimme bath stuff!!!!

Foot worship gone bad


Mistress Andrea Spanxx, 24, was left shaken and alarmed after a submissive man, Michael Donovan, 19, grabbed hold of her feet and refused to let go during a foot worship scene gone wrong.

Ashely Kraven, 22, watched as the scene went down. “It got weird fast. Most of us had been staying away from the guy because he seemed nervous and creepy. Once he got Andrea’s boots off, he started screaming ‘they’re mine, they’re mine’ and was screaming something about cutting her feet off and putting them in a shrine.”

Cliff Orsen, the organizer of the foot party said he has never had something like this occur before. “Foot fetishists can be a little odd, but usually not dangerous. We do background checks on the guests. We are looking into how this guy slipped through out screening.”

“I know something was wrong when he wouldn’t let go,” Andrea said, “that doesn’t usually happen.”

Photo credit: Alain-Christian CC: NC SA


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