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It's almost DJ's Birthday - Moonchild Season! you know (or maybe you don't?) my birthday is Bastille day (July 14th) I have an Amazon wish list up:

or gift cards/wishes to

That said, my doggo, Roxanne has her birthday coming up on the her pic to go to her wishlist.

Wishlist mania -- shop for me please!

Amazon: gift cards to (original) MISTRESS MUST HAVES (Priority) Books, Media, Music (FOOOOOOOD! healhy snacks!) Household, stuff for castle de moi ************************************************************ Her room:,507,30.html e gift card to ************************************************************ Vickys secret e gift card ***********************************************************

Cooler than you?


got the Zombie book and the pendant today...much lovin' to ya Dave! excellent! perhaps you'll be rewarded in some way... maybe... sort of...ish... lol DJ there's the list... valentines is coming up...(reminding you to take care of your Domme!)
Yep good stuff and much appreciated. Thanks XOXO DJ