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Clothespins and BDSM

Clothespins can be a wonderful addition to BDSM play and are relatively easy to learn how to use. Many new comers to BDSM start with things like clothespins. Clothespins are usually used to give the sensation of pain to certain body parts. They can create many sensations and even increase the intensity of orgasm. With some caution and imagination clothespins can be used in any number of deviously enjoyable ways.

Most frequently, clothespins are used on the tits, especially on nipples. Clothespins can be placed on the nipples in many positions. You can start from clothespins pointing straight onto the nipple, not from the side, gripping the base of the nipple, not the tip. This does not have the same sort of ‘bite’ as grasping the nipple alone may, and often does wonderful things for sensitivity without causing pain. Pointing straight out is an especially deviant way to clothespin your partner.
You can clamp the nipple only, or work gradually out from the areola as your partner’s ability to enjoy more increases. The soft flesh under the nipple is a great place to experiment. You can also clothespin on sideways, with the nipple centered in the the hole in the clamping area. If you do this far enough back on the nipple base or areola, the tip of a large nipple will remain exposed for other things, such as ice, nibbling, or smaller clips and clamps.

The nipple is the classical place to begin practice of clothespin play.. But many areas of the body might do well with a bit of clamping either for sensation or visual appeal. There are other parts to decorate your body with clothespins such as inner thighs, the webbing between toes and fingers, scrotum, along the shaft of a penis, labias, clitoris, behind the knees and inside the elbows, and even the tonge. Generally, the clothespins can be used on any part of the body where you can ‘pinch’ up a fold of skin for the clothespins to grab.

A chain that runs through a pair or set of clothespins will add to the enjoyment. As your partner moves, the chain will cause the part of the body the clothespin is attached to move as well, creating a wonderful sensation of weight and pain. You can create a row, circle on the belly or back, a belt of clothespins round the waist, a circle round the thighs as a reminder to keep them spread, etc.

Don’t allow any clamping device to remain in place longer than 20 minutes maximum! The clothespins create the erotic sensations by cutting off the blood circulation. The whole idea of clamping is creating condensed erotic pain when the blood flow starts recirculating back into the unclamped tissues. When left in place too long, or placed where they can crush or damage tissue and internal structures, such as the delicate blood vessels of the penile shaft or the hood of the clitoris, watch out! Never clamp any piece of flesh near to dense blood vessels, to avoid damaging nerves, or internal structures, such as the corpus cavernosum and corpus spongiosum of the penis, and tissues of the clitoral hood in women. Any damage to these structures can be permanent and cause lifelong pain and suffering.
Stay safe and sane by removing the clothespins until you are more familiar with how your partner’s body responds to them.

Pulling off a clothespin is more painful than squeezing the legs to remove it gently. Taking the closthepins off causes a stronger rush of pain than putting them on. That’s because the blood is rushing back to that area of the body. If your partner is anxious, instruct him or her to take a deep breath and gently squeeze the legs of the wooden closthespin until it comes off.

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