let's have a talk about D/s especially focusing on submission.

Three types of submissive

  1. The immediate submissive finds an immediate reward as a "consequence" of the act of submission. This may be something like sexual arousal, the satiation (temporarily, at least) of feelings of guilt, or simply the pleasure of an endorphine rush. The act of submission is not pleasurable or satisfying on its own.
  2. The psychological submissive finds her reward in the act of submission itself. This satisfaction or pleasure can, for example, come from the associated with temporarily giving up responsibility. Or it can come from a relaxation of the need to "be herself" while the dominant is in control; she can, instead, simply be nothing, she can abandon herself completely.
  3. The slave has an internal need or craving that is appeased by the act of submission. The act of submission itself may or may not be pleasurable to the slave, but the release from the pressure of the need always is.

(from: https://www.peter-masters.com/wiki/index.php/Understanding_Submission)
great resource page to newcomers.


If you're reading this, you likely know me from Niteflirt or found me elsewhere...If you've been around for a while, you've heard how and where I got my start - how I cut my teeth as a Domme and even about the ever-so-mysterious-Phantom...

Well as you know, I lost Phantom / my Master in 2015.

I am a believer that to be a good Domme/Dom one needs to understand it from both sides of the whip as it were. I will continue to say that as it's a genuine belief. Since then, the spark of "what to pass along" or that spark/flame inside that I'd felt (including subspace and all the wonderful feelings of submission) was slowly fading.

"When you aren't looking."

When someone isn't afraid of who I am, instead seems amused at my facets and contradictions.

When someone is willing to take on the mantle / pick up the torch of "Master" or "Dom" (when that wasn't what it was about)

When someone cares about giving me that experience again in my life versus their own needs.

That person deserves a second look...

This is just the beginning...but with a recharged/refreshed Domme...all the old guard ways...with manners, protocol and respect will not only be educated and reminded, but enforced. Who is He? You needn't worry about that...For now you'll see me mind my capital letters and refer to him as "Mr. O" or "Mr. Oisín" You likely don't know Him, but you will quickly see what He brings to my life as I pass along the trembles and feels of subspace as well as the relief of power exchange.