Poetry time! (and another book by moi!)

In the dawn's early light, when the air turned cold,

Stood a dominatrix, mysterious and bold.

Her name was DJ, a reigning queen's delight,

Her kingdom, a realm of pain and forbidden insight.

As the sun rose high, casting golden rays,

DJ emerged, with secrets in her gaze.

With leather-clad attire and a whip by her side,

She commanded respect, impossible to hide.

Upon the fallen leaves, with a confident grace,

DJ walked, a sovereign of this private space.

The morning's effervescence, a cool, crisp embrace,

Matched the fire in her eyes, her allure, and her pace.

Her presence commanded, a force to be reckoned,

With strength and power, she left none second-guessing.

Through hidden corridors, her chambers did lay,

Where pleasure entwined with a darkness, no light could sway.

She held the key to their desires unspoken,

A master of seduction, hearts forever broken.

Amidst the autumn's hues, her dominion loomed,

A playground for pleasure, where boundaries were consumed.

And as the wind whispered secrets, carried on its breath,

DJ's words held the power, life followed her behest.

With each crack of the whip, she danced through the air,

Her dominance complete, a symphony so rare.

She painted submission on a canvas of trust,

Enthralling her subjects, with each sinful thrust.

In this realm she ruled, in shadows she thrived,

The dominatrix named DJ, an enigma alive.

For in the stillness of morning, as nature's breath drew near,

DJ reigned supreme, her power crystal clear.

So let the world marvel at this fall morning's tale,

Of a dominatrix named DJ, who left none to bewail.