I'm so excited--BALLOT ARRIVED!!!

So first off, I got a package on Saturday. Fed Ex delivered it...and nifty nifty dontcha know it was some new slippers? Thank you much for that V! Besides that, I go to check my mail today, and there is a notice of a package in there AND my ballot...GOOOOOOOOOBAMA!!! :) anyhow, it's been a lazy weekend. I think something is kicking up in the air, whatever it is, I'm not likin' it! Welcome to the new VIP and I'm sure there's more to post but: <3 yep, I still got a crush on Obama. Just remember...the repubs/right would like to shut down what I am so very good at... Obama lets live and let live... So this Domina will forever have a crush on Obama! XOXO DJ