what's whos and hows...

So... I guess I have to ask...

Do you really think I sit around in Domme wear all day? I rarely wear it any how. I mean, the whole Betty look is sexy, but it's just not me. I'm more likely to wear workout clothes whilst putting my foot in your arse. That said, people ask favorites and what not for gifting purposes...
So here goes:
1. I live in the country, I don't like the city. I'm an animal person and couldn't imagine trying to live in confined quarters.
2. yes, some of you have pictures of my dungeon, albeit in my basement...it's my dungeon.
3. I love the colors: chocolate brown, rich black, sunset orange, rich green etc...earthtones mostly.
4. How did I get started doing this? long story but a Domme friend of mine (during college years) retired and taught me the trade :)
5. would I give it up? I can't see that happening.
6. favorite flower: stargazer lily I HATE ROSES
7. favorite music: anything danceable, that includes, hip hop, some techno (not the thumping raver crap), middle eastern vibe etc :)
8. favorite food: thai, ethiopian, italian and mexican...but remember, I AM vegetarian.
9. favorite characters: sanrio hello kitty and chococat
10. I love when people acknowledge what I do, a small tribute, a heartfelt note or a gift from my wish list.
That said,
now you know
Wish List Permalink: http://amzn.com/w/2596Q3QTJMOEL
or gc's to miztressdj@yahoo.com OR that_sexy_womannf@yahoo.com