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hmmmm so the space race...

Ok, so you boys know I love all things space. I am a Star Wars fangirl, I follow and love NASA, Space-X, I track the rovers on Mars and look forward to the moon trip...BUT BUT BUT...what about these boys with their toys? I mean Branson, Besos and Musk? Ok, look, for the most part I think these guys have their hearts in the right place, I know they are all philanthropists. I cannot fault them or be salty towards their success...I have even gone so far to assume out loud that Elon likely has the best sex toys!!!

But, could these billionaires be doing something more productive instead of the "who has the biggest dick?" contest? Perhaps. I think it's a matter of attention honestly. I mean yeah, they could work towards clean water, immunizations and other things to better man-kind -- but when Gates does that, he gets shit on by the these guys can't win for losing.

My concern is that in this pissing match we will lose one of them...and that would be sad. They set a bar really high of excess, but to me, there's a spark in that --that us common folk can use to motivate us! Do I really want to go to space? No, I don't. Am I excited that our space program continues because Elon has an interest in it? you betcha!

so while I think their little space race is a bit...douchey....I will say that I do have respect for all three for different reasons.

I am certainly not full socialist...these guys built a better mousetrap or were in the right place at the right time...I cannot fault them for that. If I ever write the best seller that becomes a movie, or become a galactically famous Domme, I would not want the venom darts aimed at me that are aimed at them...

That said, how was your weekend?