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Giving back what was once given to me (refresher course in DJology)

Ok cliff notes version for those of you that have been contemplating the lint in your navels.

Long ago in a galaxy far far away....oh wait...

So...started Pro Domming in college - in Reno yadda yadda..took over a retiring Domme's client list (well, half of it anyhow…)

I'm puttering along...and go to a nerd con (I really want to say it was a Star Wars themed thing, but sadly it wan't) It was Comic-Con in San Diego...Long story short I was wearing body paint (I was a Zabrak, hatin' is bad.) If you don't know what a Zabrak is...there's the door.

Anywho one thing leads to another and Phantom enters the picture (we were actually NOT on site at the con but instead at a diner playing Wizards of the Coast - Star Wars rpg) As you all know He was the one that helped me hone my skills as  Pro Domme and online as well -He was my Master. He had me make recordings before it was really a "thing" -- but I digress...Under His guidance I became a better ProDomme as I learned to give the things I'd experienced or pass along what I'd learned...

Fast forward to today.
There are a few of you...that I can really rattle your cages...
I have you to where you don't know if you're coming or going....

to that I say good and welcome to the Dark Side....

It's an honor to be able to pass along 5% of what I was given.

Yes my degree is in Accounting. I am truly a nerd...

If you want to learn something about BDSM I may or may not have the answers...but I will help you find them...

If I think a different Domme would better suit you? I'll be directing you that way.

Giving back what was once given to me.

coffee, horror novels, scary movies, stuffed animals, Thai Food, bellydancing, country music,
cheese, white chocolate, Star Wars (only the DarkSide! I keed I keed)

mean people, thunderstorms, being cold, peas, lima beans, liver, hockey, dishonesty, alcohol (upsets my stomach), drama

I guess if you wanna know something - ask.

Just watch me now. (All eyes on me)

Some great new goodies for sale....

******************************** With the onset of fall there will be many great things coming!

Stay tuned!!!

In the meantime: with the change of seasons, a pedicure would be great! I'm going to put this here for whoever would like to treat me to a pedi! Remember, you get to pick the color and get pics too!

Thanks in advance.