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October? Locktober!

The Holiday Line is OPEN for Locktober starting October 15 CLICK HERE

So, Locktober, I have a pregame, a word-search with reward and actual locktober plan with me!

Birthday shenanigans, published author, NFTS and breaking news!

Ok, let's start with that it's ALMOST my birthday month! (Your favorite Domme's bday is the 14th!) -- you know I am!

So....for starters, the Holiday line is open!!

Next: I wrote/cowrote a book with Kylie Gable (Feminization) that was published by Candy Apple Press. It can be found here:

And...I put up my first NFT!!! CLICK HERE TO GO SEE

The final bit of breaking news! Your favorite Domme (you know I am!) is verified on PornHub! (no, I won't be making pornos or videos, it is for erotic/BDSM audios.) it can be found here:

It's finally summer, so hopefully this finds you well. Between Covid still being a thing, and our country deciding that half the population isn't smart enough to control our own bodies...I'm pretty well over the news. But, I for one and excited summer is finally here! Stay hydrated and you know how to find me!

Now what the hell's an NFT?! BREAKING NEWS

 Welp, your girl (and favorite Domme, you know I am!) has gone and done it...

I will be making NFT's...

some audio, some art...and who knows???

 Welp, your girl (and favorite Domme, you know I am!) has gone and done it...

I will be making NFT's...

some audio, some art...and who knows??? the logo and goto my NFT site!

How is it possibly April already?

Ok, well. I'm uncertain how it became April already, wasn't it just last week we were saying Happy New Year?!

Apparently not.

So, lent...who is participating? Did you give up bad habit? *eyes a few of you* Did you decide to pick up new good habits? *eyes even more of you*

I think you know I like to bring some education here to my little corner of the world, so today I'd like you to learn about yourself.

Please disregard the "deviant" comment on their landing page, I find that incredibly disrespectful.  The goal here is to find out where you are on the kinkster scale. Are you more Dominant than you thought? Do you have fetishes you were unaware of? 

Feel free to share the results with me, or don't...your choice, this isn't an assignment, but rather a learn more about yourself endeavor.    


Now for some education:


Use your senses (today is about the ears/hearing)

I will give you an interesting example of two examples (auditory) that I knew I had as a fetish/turn on and one that is new:

The first one is the sound of leather and it's rustling? crunching? moving? etc. It's not a common sound and I have heard it the few times I needed help from law enforcement and either their belt or boots made the noise (so I found it a comfort) I am unaware of the sound when I wear the leather myself (maybe kind of like why you can't tickle yourself? food for thought) But, when my Alpha is wearing something leather and shifts around it's bliss to my ears. (Eargasm incoming!!! kidding, sort of)

The second is quite simple. The sound of coffee being stirred in a certain pattern and way (but consistently everytime.) Again, a comfort thing as it goes back to childhood. When my dad, a pilot, was home, I'd hear him make coffee in the morning so those sounds meant "he's home." In the mornings, when my Alpha makes coffee, I've noticed the same consistent way of stirring coffee..."he's home."

Now the new one isn't for the faint of heart or if you didn't know I can be "switchy" now might be a good time to secure your seatbelt, put on your safety glasses and hold on! (although, if you know me, you know this) a new sound that is delightful is a belt (buckle particularly) being messed with...the jingle? the clanking? whatever word you want to give it. Simply delightful.

Ok DJ great. Why did you share this? Because whether virtually or in person, USE YOUR SENSES!! Even if you are exploring solo or playing solo...use your senses (more than just visual or touch) smells, sounds, tastes can all be incorporated and I'd encourage you to do so.

2022 - the year of...???

Well, for the Chinese New Year it will be the year of the Tiger. I figure that should make for a good year. (Monkey that I am personally but I digress...) I figure we could use a Tiger or Dragon year...

But, how has 2022 been treatin' ya?

are you good?

It can't be night forever....

that said, I'm bringing some Lenny back because... well, I get subs from all over the world (today was from Germany and Japan for example)

Here I thought Dommes from Germany were supposed to be world known to be the best...

yet...they call/contact Me.


American Woman...*sings loudly*

So sing it for me Lenny... v and hang in good to yourself and to others.

Sithmas, Last month of the Year? You know I'm gonna bring it!

...Think of all the gangstas that I haven't kissed...???

So, another year is about to be in the books. Your favorite Domme (you know I am!) Wants to wish you all the best for the holiday season and in the new year! Remember to take time to count your blessings, tell people you love them and remember time is the most precious thing/gift of all!

Some one told me today that I rock their world, that I take away the stress and BS of life in the covid-era and that they genuinely believe everything will be okay.

We ALL answer to someone.

Yes, that includes me...I answer to One as well (remember, I am switchy for a rare One and as most of you know I have a soft spot for Dark Lords...well He is One!)...anyhow my One has been reminding me as of late to take time to slow down and savor moments. (A new thing is tea time during the day.)

So -- trust me on this: your assignment during the holiday season is to pause, have a cup of your favorite warm drink and reflect in the moment.

Sithmas is coming, but you won't be!

As usual I am turning on the Holiday line, a thanks to you good boys for being sweet to me all year (or a chance to introduce yourself if you've not done so yet!)

you can find it here:

Click the Fire to go to the Holiday Line!

All are welcome!

Fall has fell

Alright ya'll so it is the first day of fall. Something is in the air. I know folks have been locked down with Covid for far too long...but look...decency to your fellow human never goes out of style. I am seeing a lot of douchery out there. I'm seeing people not feeling good about themselves so then they take it out on others. Hit the gym and get rid of the Covid Ass. Get those feel good hormones going. Most of all don't be a dick. This goes for the ladies too, some of ya'll are being dicks with no good cause. 

Consider this being put on notice. 

If you're in contact with Me? Reformation will be happening. You will not be a dick in My presence.

I was trying to be all Happy Fall - New Chapter but some of ya'll are making it impossible.

Enough said.


a challenge to peers and an assignment to subs/betas

 Hey! Two blog posts in proximity! Groovy!

So look, it's a day of solemn rememberance here in the United States.

I am choosing to embrace the message of doing your little part to be the change.  To choose love, not hate to choose kindness over harshness....I know that coming from a Domme that sounds a little odd. However, consider it a challenge (to My peers) or an assignment (to my subs or wanna be subs) to put out a big love into the Universe! Bring some light into it! (yeah I know "hey DJ you're a DarkSider") Yes, I am...but DarkSiders are about it's a different kind of light...

anyhow, this is my message/thought and assignment for the day:

We're sendin' out a major love

And this is our message to you (message to you)

The planets are linin' up

We're bringin' brighter days

They're all in line waitin' for you

Can't you see?

You're just another part of me

hmmmm so the space race...

Ok, so you boys know I love all things space. I am a Star Wars fangirl, I follow and love NASA, Space-X, I track the rovers on Mars and look forward to the moon trip...BUT BUT BUT...what about these boys with their toys? I mean Branson, Besos and Musk? Ok, look, for the most part I think these guys have their hearts in the right place, I know they are all philanthropists. I cannot fault them or be salty towards their success...I have even gone so far to assume out loud that Elon likely has the best sex toys!!!

But, could these billionaires be doing something more productive instead of the "who has the biggest dick?" contest? Perhaps. I think it's a matter of attention honestly. I mean yeah, they could work towards clean water, immunizations and other things to better man-kind -- but when Gates does that, he gets shit on by the these guys can't win for losing.

My concern is that in this pissing match we will lose one of them...and that would be sad. They set a bar really high of excess, but to me, there's a spark in that --that us common folk can use to motivate us! Do I really want to go to space? No, I don't. Am I excited that our space program continues because Elon has an interest in it? you betcha!

so while I think their little space race is a bit...douchey....I will say that I do have respect for all three for different reasons.

I am certainly not full socialist...these guys built a better mousetrap or were in the right place at the right time...I cannot fault them for that. If I ever write the best seller that becomes a movie, or become a galactically famous Domme, I would not want the venom darts aimed at me that are aimed at them...

That said, how was your weekend?

Don't worry about who I text...

Just know it ain't my ex...lmfao

Sometimes you find a gem that speaks to you, I found this one on Tiktok and that line made me laugh...there's a few good ones in this song. While it's not my typical style of music I've got love for this one...

Someone said I mention someone with an H in here? uh....*has a confused* on Wayne...

Holiday line open and....

well, I have two bits of news. First...I found a super fun playlist on youtube. I highly recommmend it! and second: my holiday line is open! Now through Monday night!

How to have a session with a Domme (for first timers)

This can apply for in person sessions or first encounters with a Dominatrix for an online or virtual/telephone session.

I really love intro sessions! It’s an honor to introduce a new submissive to the world of kink. Personally it’s very gratifying to feed off the intensity of an experience that for so many is the culmination of years of longing and fantasy.

Of course those contemplating a first contact, call or session are always anxious, excited and curious about what to expect. Generally my answer to “What can I expect from a session?” is “A BDSM/kink experience at a light to medium level that incorporates your known interests and respects your limits”.

I’m quite sure I’ve disappointed a few newbies with that answer but it’s important to note that very few professional Mistresses will provide a blow by blow description of what will happen in a session. Why is this?

* Functionality. Real play is just that. Real. It’s not edited like the many fetish videos you may have seen. That super hot thing you’ve been dying to try? It may not work for you in real life. During a scene your Domme will be paying close attention to your body language, gauging what is working and what is not. Sometimes the difference between a successful session and a not so great one is the ability to move on from something that’s not working and try something else. The obligation to deliver on a promised script tends to preclude this.

*Timewasters. Unfortunately not everyone who contacts professional Mistresses is sincere. For these people pre-session communication is an erotic experience in itself. They often seek detailed descriptions of proposed session content as a source of free, personalised erotic fiction. (in other words, free wank material.) This tends to make us wary of questions that amount to “What are you going to do to me?”.

* No spoilers! Quality Mistresses will take care to incorporate your specific areas of interest into the play. Part of what makes a session fun and exciting is experiencing just how your Mistress will use her skill and creativity to bring your interests to life. Of course we want you to enjoy your session time. It makes the session time fun for us as well and obviously makes good business sense.

Need to know more? Many quality professional ladies include reviews and testimonials as part of their online presence as well as talking about their sessions on their blogs and social media properties. Perusing these is an excellent way to get a feel for what a session will be like.

Quality consent is informed consent. I encourage new players to research widely so they have information about their kinks (including the risks involved) from various sources.

On Nerves:

Even experienced submissives are always nervous before a session.  A first session can feel like a big step. It’s ok to be nervous but as adults it’s my expectation that the people I play with take responsibility for their own emotions. If you’re nervous to the point where you feel you can’t be reliable or you expect the lady you’ve contacted to cajole you in the door you’re probably not ready to make a booking.

meanwhile...on the ignore line....

this time of night...I'm pretty boring...I either am reading or watching something on tv. However since someone decided I needed a portion of their stimmy check I'm down to be they got to listen to some of my music you wanna hear what I listen to sometimes?? Here's one of my YouTube playlists

DJ's bday month shenanigans

Hey ya'll...

so, ya girl's bday is July 14th...but you know how we do...

so call me, send tributes, amazon or just come hang out and wish me a happy day!

here's some of my fave songs, lets dance!!

Adult Education

What you want is an Adult Education. Want to learn about a kink? explore a fetish? Roleplay something you never dared? I gotchu! Look 20 years of experience, study and Domming….I'll help you get there...and if I can't? I will help you on your journey to find it!

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Call me, let's explore!

Guess who's back?

Yep! Your favorite Domme/buddy/partner in crime is back!

I've been under the weather....but now...buckle up!!!

Thanks to those that sent gifts, tributes and bought goodies in my absence...not working, when used to working daily (and talking to ya'll) I miss it!