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The power of positive thinking.

If you put out into the world that the tax plan by 45 is catastrophic, that times are tough, that business is slow across the board...then you will reap something lacking in luster -- on the contrary if you put out a successful mindset, positivity, helpful and willingness to pull others up too...guess what is going to happen..

Every. Fucking. Time.

Try it...21 days (how long it takes to make a new habit) Show gratitude, show a positive outlook, do proactive things to better your situation...21 days...without fail. YOU WILL SEE A DIFFERENCE

positvity...and I'm guilty of this too! NO MORE DRAMA!

Why do people feed on drama? This isn't aimed at anyone in particular; but I suppose it's aimed more at my sisters than my brothers. Men tend to not be over-dramatic unless they are sissies or gay...but the drama...seriously? Look we all have them...bad days, bad moments, bad years even.

I challenge you right now.
You, reading this.

I challenge YOU to ditch the drama--male or female...sub or dom(me), straight or bi.

seriously, lose the drama--you'll be much more productive!

that's all...