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Descending the stairs

Descending the stairs, the dim light from the sconces only provides highlight to Her form.
Fearing to speak freely, you utter, "Mistress?" seeking Her out.
Perched on Her throne in the corner She observes you, like a cat stalking a bird on the grass.
Taking a sip from Her coffee, She slurps causing your strained gaze to shift Her direction.

Descending the stairs, you can now make out the steam rising from Her mug on the table.
Examining the crimson cinder block walls--the word dungeon clangs in your head like a bell.
Watching, still perched, your Domme awaits your submission.
Impatiently, Her boot heel scuffs the floor, causing you to jump a bit.

Descending the stairs, your new life is ahead--one of submission.
Trembling with anticipation you strip, kneeling as directed.
Standing gracefully, your Goddess slowly approaches, Her heels clicking on the concrete floor.
You look up once and meet Her grey gaze then immediately cast your eyes downward.

Now your new life begins....