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a challenge to peers and an assignment to subs/betas

 Hey! Two blog posts in proximity! Groovy!

So look, it's a day of solemn rememberance here in the United States.

I am choosing to embrace the message of doing your little part to be the change.  To choose love, not hate to choose kindness over harshness....I know that coming from a Domme that sounds a little odd. However, consider it a challenge (to My peers) or an assignment (to my subs or wanna be subs) to put out a big love into the Universe! Bring some light into it! (yeah I know "hey DJ you're a DarkSider") Yes, I am...but DarkSiders are about it's a different kind of light...

anyhow, this is my message/thought and assignment for the day:

We're sendin' out a major love

And this is our message to you (message to you)

The planets are linin' up

We're bringin' brighter days

They're all in line waitin' for you

Can't you see?

You're just another part of me