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I Rock your world know I did.

 Ok, let's get to the brass tacks.  In BDSM there is power exchange of some level. Sometimes it is just a modest amount sometimes it is TPE or Total Power Exchange.  When you come away from an experience with me, be it a call, a chat or a recording and you're light headed and in sub space....when you are spent and feel rocked...that's a good thing and that's power exchange.

It is a good feeling. It's heady and's a body high...incomparable to anything else....better than drinking or drugs the body's natural response....As you well know Phantom would take me there with regularity and of course it's happened here and there since....some exquisite and recent....


I bring this up because of a response I got from a client after a custom recording he'd ordered:

Sometimes you happen across someone....who can take you there. It might be a conversation - something you read or just stumble across or into...anyhow...I'm avidly encouraging you to grab that with both hands and enjoy. (Life is too short to not!) Make no apologies (and by the way, let the Muse that rocked you know what they did too...given they were probably trying to do just that.)