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Working towards a no touch orgasm

How to:

Relax and get comfortable. This is pretty self-explanatory; whatever works for you works for you. I usually sit down (so I don't fall asleep) late at night on my bed, wrapped up in blankets, with headphones on when I feel like listening to something relaxing. I very much recommend making sure to stay warm. If you feel more comfortable being naked, by all means be naked. I personally feel more relaxed fully dressed.

Breathe naturally. You don't need to take in deep breaths, just natural breaths. If you find your heart beating faster and your breathing rate increasing, that's a good thing – it means you're getting aroused. Just keep everything relaxed and don't rush it.

Move slowly. I cannot stress this enough. I usually spend between 20 and 120 minutes before I start having the actual orgasm. Take in every taste, touch, and odor. Imagine the warmth and moisture of her lips, of her vagina...take in everything.

Don't let your mind wander. I suck at staying focused on one task. If you start to notice your mind wandering, do something physical to bring your mind back to the sexual. Rub a nipple, move your hand down your chest, thigh, whatever it takes. (Just keep in mind this is a no-touch orgasm, at least with regard to your genitals.)

Emotional response. This is the thing that kept me from finally achieving it for months – although now that I know it, it seems so obvious. Men don't really need to put any emotional value into sex to have an orgasm, but having a no-touch orgasm is a completely different ballgame. Don't just imagine yourself banging any hot chick; instead, choose someone that you simply adore. Even if they're not exactly the most attractive person you've met, you'll find that imagining a "first time" with this specific person, if you hadn't already, is much more orgasm-inducing than fantasizing about some random porn star.

Last words of advice. Keep it clean. Find out for yourself how to separate the orgasm from ejaculation; this way, you'll realize you don't exactly need to ejaculate to achieve this, though I still have a few times. Try something a little different every time. Try doing it your own way, too. Fantasies of teachers with big breasts are nice, yet without even realizing it, many like to really go all out with fantasies, making it more visual than full-body and harder to have the no-touch orgasm. Just remember, if you decide to choose such a fantasy, it takes much more concentration. Also, don't force any thoughts in or out of your head. I was once a kid, too, and I know random guy's asses will pop in and out here and there – and even though you might think that's gross, just keep your mind on track and don't freak out. Have fun and best of luck with the No-Touch! (check it out)

Edging to a new level...

Edging refers to getting to the EDGE of cumming, a stroke or several away, and then staying there for a while. It goes by many names:
EDGING = staying on the EDGE of cuming (very different from "edge play" which also plays with breath to enhance arousal, but which literally rides the edge of asphyxiation to achieve this; not something I want to do or have done to me!)
PEAKING = staying at the peak of arousal;
BRINKING = staying on the BRINK of cumming;
TEETERING = teetering on the edge of cumming w/o falling (thanks in Melbourne);
PLATEAUING = cruising on the Western Prairie of BLISS;
VERGING = surfing on the edge of the Wave of BLISS;
ENDORPHING = ever so gently stroking your Erotic Handle to increase the flow of ENDORPHINS in your brain;
PROLONGED AROUSAL = staying AROUSED for a very long time;
MASTURBATION = doing ALL the above )
The key is
Be Mindful.
Pay attention to what you feel - Savor your feelings in ALL parts of your body. Don't focus only on your cock, but be aware of tingles in your feet, your back, your mind, and especially your perineum and prostate. Help your mind be aware of these by touching yourself in these places.

Most guys find that porn flicks or friction fiction is useful, if at all, only at the start of a session. After you get GOOD VIBRATIONS going all the way from your cockhead to your prostate, focus on these, savor them cultivate them. If you have other ideas, or porn thoughts, or even work ideas come into your head, just let them float across the screen of your consciousness, the surface of your meditative mind, and stay centered on your breathing, your body.

Consume the deliciousness of the tingles in your perineum, in your cock, as you pull your balls, twist your nipples. If something heightens your pleasure, just let it happen and focus on the deliciousness, letting thought of how it happened pass.

So try this...and let me know how it works!!

May the Fourth fun!

You guys know I love Star Wars...and if you know anything beyond know I am an avid Dark Sider. So as we commence the celebration of "May the Fourth" remember... Do or do not..there is no.... wait, that's that little green guy... here's my wish list...I added a few star wars themed things :) DJ