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I Rock your world know I did.

 Ok, let's get to the brass tacks.  In BDSM there is power exchange of some level. Sometimes it is just a modest amount sometimes it is TPE or Total Power Exchange.  When you come away from an experience with me, be it a call, a chat or a recording and you're light headed and in sub space....when you are spent and feel rocked...that's a good thing and that's power exchange.

It is a good feeling. It's heady and's a body high...incomparable to anything else....better than drinking or drugs the body's natural response....As you well know Phantom would take me there with regularity....but it takes an exceptional Alpha male to bring that out in me (I do have that side, but only felt it once until....)....some exquisite and recent....though, I'm not sure if He is Alpha naturally or is actually a Dom....


Sometimes you happen across someone....who can take you there. It might be a conversation - something you read or just stumble across or into...anyhow...I'm avidly encouraging you to grab that with both hands and enjoy. (Life is too short to not!) Make no apologies (and by the way, let the Muse that rocked you know what they did too...given they were probably trying to do just that.)

The Elfin Files -- A night in the life of a Domme

For starters, I'm not here to out anyone. As a Dominatrix with a couple of decades under my leather, some nights...we're called to step up. I had two different individuals contact me. One, I could tell he was having a hard time, but then he vocalized it "I'm struggling." It was a short call on Niteflirt, and a message that let me know he wasn't doing as well as he could. I tasked him with an assignment, a maintenance spanking with a full report back to me when complete. This seemed to soothe the pics as his report was in a video...but long story short... he's going through changes in his life, new found freedom, if you will...and is now alone at holiday season if nothing else I occupied his mind and time for a bit...

The second one made an attempt to reach out to me on social media, alebeit an awkward one...but, little did "she" know I had a plan...


First: an elf plug.

Next: the superhero elfin outfit

Finally: a "male human disguise" over her elfin self...this time of year humans would just bug our elfin friends anyhow...