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100% reason to remember my name

This is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill
Fifteen percent concentrated power of will
Five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain
And a hundred percent reason to remember the name!

It's not "babe" it's not "sweetie" sure as fuck ain't "slut" or anyother concoction of the typical male mind. It's Mistress. Possibly "Yes, Ma'am." For those of you just getting to know me? "Mistress DJ" and no, you may not ask what my initials stand for...

alright,'s hot ass august!!! You know what that means!!!

let's rock!

bow down bitches.


heh. nothing like slam dunkin' a Domme session...ya'll know you can't get enough of don't even try to kick your addiction!

It's hot ass august! let's rock!

a discussion on footwear/feet/and the worship of all...

So, a common theme in my phone calls/Domming is the worship of feet. MY feet in a variety of states. Some dig barefoot (yeah, I am country, I walk around bare-foot much of the time) or even flip flops (yeah I heard a few of you cringe, sorry they are comfy, and they show off my pedi/toe rings :P)

but, on the other hand there's those of you that dig my honesty in that yes, I do (at times have stinky feet! lol yeah, female pheromones and all that. I get it "the smell of a woman" and thought of getting drowned, or immersed in my scents is enticing...

but, there's some of you that dig the whole "freshly pedi'd" look, knowing my feet will smell like ______ (fill in the lotion smell)

I digress, this is to be on footwear. While I typically don't run around in heels (at 5-8 heels make me frightfully tall) I do enjoy a variety of shoe styles. So, over the past couple of days, I had a convo about boots: such as these...

or open toed pumps such as these (my boy that likes to go play in the sandbox digs these! Isn't that right Randy?)

and then, the ones I toed, ankle strap:

(those would put me at 6-2 a little intimidating? heh.

I will save the discussion of socks, stockings, thigh highs, panty hose, nylons, tights and yadda for another day...(that's a whole different kettle of fish and a fetish unto it's own--*mumble of wolford ftw*

So, boys, what is sexy? the recorded listing on feet is pretty blah, might go into more specifics :) that said, feel free to send me a note on niteflirt OR and let me know "what's hot" as far as footwear goes :)

"you better do right or I'll fuck you up!"

"you better bow down and get on your knees...."

yeah...ya'll know...

Ok, so let me know what's good...recorded listings will be updated soon, if not already...

oh yeah...and Toby.
and btw, idgaf if ya'll wanna see him or page, my eye candy. heh.

yeah yeah Keegan...whatever, I know his character of Toby.

Oh yeah, and for those of you that dig us brainiac blondies but have a smoking fetish? check out my buddeh...ever so sexy Annie Vox...aww yeah, you know how us blondes roll :)

Click on her delish image and you'll be taken to her world :).

well that's it boys, as always find me at:

or email:

~swats DJ