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an ode to a Dom/Domme

Ok, ode might be a bit of a stretch.

To those that dare take control of one whom no one knows what to do with...

To those that dare set boundaries and standards for those that typically answer to no one...

To those that educate themselves, not just in BDSM, but on the submissive themself....

To those that give reprieve in power exchange, only if for a few moments....

What You do is important. What You do matters, if to no one else? to the one who is submitting to You.

What You give, when you deliver this control over the sub or switch is relief. Relief of making decisions, relief of responsibility, relief of being in charge and even often sexual relief. Just like in typical D/s typically the sub is a strong person who is looking for this relief. To Top a switch is no different.

I personally have Dommed typical subs as well as switches and subbed as well.

I am from the school of thought that good Doms/Dommes have experienced the other end of the whip as it were (whether literal or in the receiving end of mind-fuckery.) This is simply because then when it's their turn to top, they know exactly what it feels like to experience what it is they are about to deliver.

So, to those Domming - my peers, those looking into D/s  Being the Dom/Domme is so much more than whips and chains, so much more than sexual fulfillment or mental fuckery. You are bringing people peace of mind and the deepest of calm.

What we do matters. It isn't flippant, nor is it a game.

I challenge anyone reading this who take them higher...

If I can bring 25% of it....

Ok ya' you who know me,  -- know about Phantom. (My first and I guess only real Dom-though we were miles apart and the one who inspired me--ok it was initially an assignment-- to make mp3s and various creations.) You also know that I have a small percentage (very small) of switch in me, and only to a unicorn or possibly a Sith Lord that knows how to access it. Well, occasionally, I've liked to find inspiration to remind me of why I do what I do -- and to remind me to bring it full throttle to ya'll...Needless to say, as you know Phantom (no, I still won't type his name! how many years later?!) passed 3 years or so I can no longer go back to the well for inspiration. (outside of various letters etc, but not the same as a conversation.) 

BUT, I happened across a place--that in my mind "had potential" to be that inspiration. (no, I'm not telling you where.) Then I happened across an individual - one who makes me want to raise My game as a Domme/artist and one who reminded me of that flight to subspace (it'd been a while since I took that journey.)

So, buckle up! It's a little like striking a vein of gold and knowing there is soooo much more below...and this Domme was reminded of why I do what I do...and to what level to bring it.

May the Force be with you if I get to drink from the well with any regularity (you're going to need it!)