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October? Locktober!

The Holiday Line is OPEN for Locktober starting October 15 CLICK HERE

So, Locktober, I have a pregame, a word-search with reward and actual locktober plan with me!

2022 - the year of...???

Well, for the Chinese New Year it will be the year of the Tiger. I figure that should make for a good year. (Monkey that I am personally but I digress...) I figure we could use a Tiger or Dragon year...

But, how has 2022 been treatin' ya?

are you good?

It can't be night forever....

that said, I'm bringing some Lenny back because... well, I get subs from all over the world (today was from Germany and Japan for example)

Here I thought Dommes from Germany were supposed to be world known to be the best...

yet...they call/contact Me.


American Woman...*sings loudly*

So sing it for me Lenny... v and hang in good to yourself and to others.

Holiday line open and....

well, I have two bits of news. First...I found a super fun playlist on youtube. I highly recommmend it! and second: my holiday line is open! Now through Monday night!

There's some hoes in this house...there's some hoes in this house..

This song brings me joy. Cardi is unashamed of her stripper past...I am an unashamed sex worker as well.
I can't imagine life without Domming...
2020 has been a rough one ya'll keep pushing.

The Birthday Line is Open 6-14 (through 7-14)

Specials all during my "Birthday Month" (ok the month leading up to my birthday)

Gift cards to:

a poem from a slave

Divine Goddess DJ

i kneel and tremble when the dagger of Your voice fucks my ear drum.

Your unique beauty and joie de vivre

i would give anything to worship the ground You step on in Your boots.

By Your grace and in the serve to You my life has meaning,

i breathe, submit, and endeavor to be Your peace; for Your true divine light to worry not.

The sound of Your voice is enough, it sustains me through the darkest of hours.

Whether recorded or on the phone, You give me purpose.

Words drip from Your luscious lips like honey the best of treat for this worker bee.

In submission to You i am whole.

I appreciate this - thank you d.

I am grateful for this amazing life I live.

If I can bring 25% of it....

Ok ya' you who know me,  -- know about Phantom. (My first and I guess only real Dom-though we were miles apart and the one who inspired me--ok it was initially an assignment-- to make mp3s and various creations.) You also know that I have a small percentage (very small) of switch in me, and only to a unicorn or possibly a Sith Lord that knows how to access it. Well, occasionally, I've liked to find inspiration to remind me of why I do what I do -- and to remind me to bring it full throttle to ya'll...Needless to say, as you know Phantom (no, I still won't type his name! how many years later?!) passed 3 years or so I can no longer go back to the well for inspiration. (outside of various letters etc, but not the same as a conversation.) 

BUT, I happened across a place--that in my mind "had potential" to be that inspiration. (no, I'm not telling you where.) Then I happened across an individual - one who makes me want to raise My game as a Domme/artist and one who reminded me of that flight to subspace (it'd been a while since I took that journey.)

So, buckle up! It's a little like striking a vein of gold and knowing there is soooo much more below...and this Domme was reminded of why I do what I do...and to what level to bring it.

May the Force be with you if I get to drink from the well with any regularity (you're going to need it!)

...but am i?

Something that came to mind today while I was on the phone and creating some mp3's. Many of my callers seem to have a genuine fear or concern that "they are the only one" that ever thought _______

9.7 /10 times they are not...very rarely does someone come up with something so out there, so unique I've not heard of it before...

so this is for you: the new caller, the new sub, the new seeker....(capitalization based on BDSM protocols) This isn't a real life conversation/poem, but it could heart breaks for those that feel alone and it is one more reason I do what I do.

...but am i??

i seek to serve a Domme, one who will be my Goddess;

a beauty with wisdom beyond my comprehension.

A Woman so clearly out of my league, yet i'm compelled;

compelled to reach out to seek Her.

i find Her, a wonder with grey eyes and a quick wit.

One who speaks very matter-of-factly but isn't cruel.

but...i have a secret.

i've not spoken of it to anyone.

i like to wear panties and pretend i'm a girl.

i call this Marvel; She listens--without interruption to my tale.

i ask her rhetorically, "It seems that i must be the only one that does this??"

She is thoughtful, choosing words like daggers to throw precisely.

"No, there are many men that wish to be a woman and visa- versa.

rarely is someone so far  out there that they are the only one."

i voice cracking...."but am i?"