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Fall has fell

Alright ya'll so it is the first day of fall. Something is in the air. I know folks have been locked down with Covid for far too long...but look...decency to your fellow human never goes out of style. I am seeing a lot of douchery out there. I'm seeing people not feeling good about themselves so then they take it out on others. Hit the gym and get rid of the Covid Ass. Get those feel good hormones going. Most of all don't be a dick. This goes for the ladies too, some of ya'll are being dicks with no good cause. 

Consider this being put on notice. 

If you're in contact with Me? Reformation will be happening. You will not be a dick in My presence.

I was trying to be all Happy Fall - New Chapter but some of ya'll are making it impossible.

Enough said.


Corona / Covid how are you faring?

from people becoming ill to state lock downs...
from having to wear a mask to shortages on staples...
It's a struggle, many of ya'll have suffered from this...
For the month of September I will be offering 50% off goodies IF you mention you saw this on my blog (shoot me a note, and I will give you the discounted price) AND...the holiday line will be the COVID line at a discounted rate through September 30th!

There's some hoes in this house...there's some hoes in this house..

This song brings me joy. Cardi is unashamed of her stripper past...I am an unashamed sex worker as well.
I can't imagine life without Domming...
2020 has been a rough one ya'll keep pushing.