If I can bring 25% of it....

Ok ya'll...so you who know me,  -- know about Phantom. (My first and I guess only real Dom-though we were miles apart and the one who inspired me--ok it was initially an assignment-- to make mp3s and various creations.) You also know that I have a small percentage (very small) of switch in me, and only to a unicorn or possibly a Sith Lord that knows how to access it. Well, occasionally, I've liked to find inspiration to remind me of why I do what I do -- and to remind me to bring it full throttle to ya'll...Needless to say, as you know Phantom (no, I still won't type his name! how many years later?!) passed 3 years or so ago...so I can no longer go back to the well for inspiration. (outside of various letters etc, but not the same as a conversation.) 

BUT, I happened across a place--that in my mind "had potential" to be that inspiration. (no, I'm not telling you where.) Then I happened across an individual - one who makes me want to raise My game as a Domme/artist and one who reminded me of that flight to subspace (it'd been a while since I took that journey.)

So, buckle up! It's a little like striking a vein of gold and knowing there is soooo much more below...and this Domme was reminded of why I do what I do...and to what level to bring it.

May the Force be with you if I get to drink from the well with any regularity (you're going to need it!)