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Captain's Log: Stardate 06172018 at 0200 hours.....

What is DJ doing?? A better question might be...what is DJ SUPPOSED to be doing. Saturday night was quiet, which is normal - it hits 11pm and though I'd decided I'd make a few recordings/mp3s several guys decided it was time to call... Then...I ate too many butterscotch candies...(sugar wheeeee) and drank two big mugs of coffee (yahoooooo) Now I have miss Victoria dressed and looking for the parties in her neighborhood while "cackling like a witch" (her words) and eating a hamburger patty -- True story... Yeah...all these plans to make like 3 recordings, and here I am -- causing my favorite cross dresser to get wolf whistled at by a truck full of hotties.... I truly love my life. You can't make this stuff up!! (See the special and new Victoria page HERE)