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Sub fever - an original poem

you are: Too hungry and over enthusiastic
Trying far too hard and too fast.
A taste was delivered, yet now you beg.
Do you believe you're deserving?
I understand. you need this.

Consider this your first lesson.
I craft a scene, in a room, on the phone; in your mind.
But the moment is fleeting.
Then disappears, as if it never happened.
Leaving you, fragile, with your desire.

Diagnosis: sub fever Presciption: full submission

Captain's Log: Stardate 06172018 at 0200 hours.....

What is DJ doing?? A better question might be...what is DJ SUPPOSED to be doing. Saturday night was quiet, which is normal - it hits 11pm and though I'd decided I'd make a few recordings/mp3s several guys decided it was time to call... Then...I ate too many butterscotch candies...(sugar wheeeee) and drank two big mugs of coffee (yahoooooo) Now I have miss Victoria dressed and looking for the parties in her neighborhood while "cackling like a witch" (her words) and eating a hamburger patty -- True story... Yeah...all these plans to make like 3 recordings, and here I am -- causing my favorite cross dresser to get wolf whistled at by a truck full of hotties.... I truly love my life. You can't make this stuff up!! (See the special and new Victoria page HERE)

Talk to me...

"Talk To Me"

When you're having those days when you're feeling deserted
And everyone leaves you on hold
When none of your friends seem to care what you're doin'
And you're feeling old, out in the cold
When the only thing left of romance is a memory
And your memory's not strong
Whenever your clouds lose their silvery lining
I'll keep you warm, out of the storm

You don't need no psychiatry
Come on baby you can talk to me
Cuddle up on the couch with me
We can talk all night for free
You don't need to be hypnotized
Lay down here and look me in my eyes
Cuddle up on the couch with me
We can talk all night for free
Won't you talk to me
Come on and talk to me
Oh talk to me

When you're feeling the blues and there's no one to lean on
When nobody makes you belong
You need to be safe in the arms of a someone
Who'll make you strong, it won't take long
If you're lookin' for someone that you can believe in
Let that someone be …

A collaboration with two veteran Niteflirt Alphas?? oh yes! Myrtle Beach The Movie--

There is something in the works. Something big. Myrtle Beach the Movie -- it's an open call to the country -- hell to the world to be a part of stepping outside of how art is created. Music, passion, fetish, images, clothing, deviance, truth and stories that happen in this crazy thing we call life.

This is just a taste-- A dark Dom in his Dungeon, summoning, playing and lurking...creating from the darkness...

A Dominatrix...a bellydancer -- moving like a snake -- pulling you into her world....

This is just the beginning -- we are basically giving this away -- why?? because we want to rock your world.

If I can bring 25% of it....

Ok ya' you who know me,  -- know about Phantom. (My first and I guess only real Dom-though we were miles apart and the one who inspired me--ok it was initially an assignment-- to make mp3s and various creations.) You also know that I have a small percentage (very small) of switch in me, and only to a unicorn or possibly a Sith Lord that knows how to access it. Well, occasionally, I've liked to find inspiration to remind me of why I do what I do -- and to remind me to bring it full throttle to ya'll...Needless to say, as you know Phantom (no, I still won't type his name! how many years later?!) passed 3 years or so I can no longer go back to the well for inspiration. (outside of various letters etc, but not the same as a conversation.) 

BUT, I happened across a place--that in my mind "had potential" to be that inspiration. (no, I'm not telling you where.) Then I happened across an individual - one who makes me want to raise My game as a Domm…