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anyone else excited about the upcoming nuptuals of Harry and Meghan?

Taken from the Wikipedia regarding the Marriage of Harry and Meghan:
Harry and Meghan attending church on Christmas Day, 2017
Prince Henry of Wales, known as Prince Harry,[2][notes 2] is the second son of Charles, Prince of Wales and Diana, Princess of Wales. He and Meghan Markle, an American actress best known for her role in the American legal-drama television series Suits, have been in a relationship since June 2016. The relationship was first acknowledged on 8 November 2016, when an official statement was released from the royal family's communications secretary addressing the "wave of abuse and harassment" directed toward Markle.[3]

On 27 November 2017, Clarence House announced that Prince Harry would marry Meghan Markle in the spring of 2018.[4] They were engaged earlier the same month in London, with the Prince giving Markle a bespoke engagement ring made by Cleave and Company, consisting of a l…

...but am i?

Something that came to mind today while I was on the phone and creating some mp3's. Many of my callers seem to have a genuine fear or concern that "they are the only one" that ever thought _______

9.7 /10 times they are not...very rarely does someone come up with something so out there, so unique I've not heard of it before...

so this is for you: the new caller, the new sub, the new seeker....(capitalization based on BDSM protocols) This isn't a real life conversation/poem, but it could heart breaks for those that feel alone and it is one more reason I do what I do.

...but am i??

i seek to serve a Domme, one who will be my Goddess;

a beauty with wisdom beyond my comprehension.

A Woman so clearly out of my league, yet i'm compelled;

compelled to reach out to seek Her.

i find Her, a wonder with grey eyes and a quick wit.

One who speaks very matter-of-factly but isn't cruel.

but...i have a secret.

i've not spoken of it to anyone.

i like to wear panties and p…

About ruined orgasms

Ruined orgasms:

If you're in orgasm denial training, your Masturbatrix might decide to allow you an orgasm at some point: but she may decide that it will be a ruined orgasm. When your Masturbatrix gives you a ruined orgasm she will stimulate you (or allow you to stimulate yourself) to the "point of no return", where an orgasm is going to happen - and she removes her hand (or other source of erotic stimulation), and allows the ejaculation to occur, with severely diminished or absent normal feelings of orgasmic pleasure and release.
Why would a Masturbatrix want to ruin your orgasm? Why not just deny you all together? Well for one - if you have any orgasm, full or ruined, you will stop your whining and begging for release. Although we Masturbation Mistressess do love to hear your pleas of passion, there comes a time when it gets too much. A ruined orgasm will give us respite from the begging.
Another reason: It's so FUNNY, to see the look on the poor cockstroker's fac…