...an escape -- it's easy to venture, come with me!

I get asked many questions by many people.

Some--they just want to know what a Domme is, why I have chosen to do what I do. Some go deeper and figure I must have some sort of hatred of men to do what I do...quite the opposite!

I adore men!

Well, then I must be a bitter shrew that has been dumped on repeatedly (that's why I like to torture men!)

Ok, first...I don't like to torture men, I like to provide an escape?

A what?

An escape...not the Ford kind either.

Most of my callers, both in person and on Niteflirt have several things in common.

- they are bright, well spoken, well read men.

- most have traditional and decent manners.

- most have decision making or higher-pressure jobs --some entrepreneurs.

- most need to give up control -- if for just a while...

I liken it to going to a professional masseuse to work out the kinks in your back.

Gentlemen come to me to work out the kinks in their minds.

Just like a counselor -- they can confide in me with the promise of confidentiality and if their kink is ever mentioned, it's vague and with no reference to them personally.

I keep secrets. I keep the kind of secrets they cannot utter to anyone BUT me.