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just a fun thing I did...forever a you know?? fer sure!

Fun JOI / RP MP3 with me, the Valley girl leading the way!!

Like OMG fer sher!!! Just click on my pic! experience with a Phone Mistress (by yours truly!)

Sexual Encounter-
It all began so simple - an ad for a phonesex company.
An image, a promotional blurb a resume of filth and of kink. A desire that was contained in her grey eyes - was that a wall of restraint or torturous gates keeping him out?
Then she sent him a text/sext--she commanded 'I want to talk to you'.. 'I want you to stroke for me'.. 'Isn't it time you gave up control?'..
His heart pounding so strongly was it fear or lust?
Imagining all of dark fantasies that had lingered for many years before....
Pictures imagined and expectations created...
He dialed the phone...igniting ignition for his rocket ship.
She answered with "Hello, who is this?"
She has everything prepared, like an exquisite execution of a blueprint. She needed no introduction...
he gave her a name...a name to be called with trembling and trepidation in his voice...
'Why are you shaking pet? ', 'Are you afraid? '
he cannot answer...between his raging …

...give us dirty laundry...

Why is it that scandals sell?

Why is it that drama and bad news is what we want to hear??

If  it's violence...if it's sexual....if it's "bad news"....

hell, even if it's "made up" or as #45 would say "fake news" we eat that shit up...

I mean National Enquirer and tabloids make piles fabricating all kinds of things...

I say, look for the good news of the day.

Five more minutes...(by Scotty McCreery, Frank Rogers and Monty Criswell)

Eight years old a couple cane poles sitting down by the creek
Our lines in the water watching those bobbers seeing that red sun sink
Mama's on the porch yelling supper's hot, y'all come and get it
We yelled five more minutes At sixteen it was twelve o three standing at her front door
Katie's dad said midnight, but we needed just a little more
Yellow light flipping on and off, interrupting that goodnight kissing
We wanted five more minutes Time rolls by the clock don't stop escape -- it's easy to venture, come with me!

I get asked many questions by many people.

Some--they just want to know what a Domme is, why I have chosen to do what I do. Some go deeper and figure I must have some sort of hatred of men to do what I do...quite the opposite!

I adore men!

Well, then I must be a bitter shrew that has been dumped on repeatedly (that's why I like to torture men!)

Ok, first...I don't like to torture men, I like to provide an escape?

A what?

An escape...not the Ford kind either.

Most of my callers, both in person and on Niteflirt have several things in common.

- they are bright, well spoken, well read men.

- most have traditional and decent manners.

- most have decision making or higher-pressure jobs --some entrepreneurs.

- most need to give up control -- if for just a while...

I liken it to going to a professional masseuse to work out the kinks in your back.

Gentlemen come to me to work out the kinks in their minds.

Just like a counselor -- they can confide in me with the promise of confidentiali…

BDSM A to Z....the full composition

A is for Aftercare
Aftercare is the practice of checking in with one another after a scene (or “play session,” a.k.a., the time in which the BDSM happens) to make sure all parties feel nice and chill about what just went down. The dominant partner may bring the submissive ice for any bruises, but it’s important to know that aftercare involves emotional care as well as physical. BDSM releases endorphins, which can lead to both dominants and submissives experiencing a “drop.” Aftercare can help prevent that. There’s often cuddling and always conversation; kinksters need love too.
C is for CBT (Cock and Ball Torture)
In BDSM, CBT does not refer to cognitive behavioral therapy, it refers to “cock and ball torture,” which is exactly what it sounds like: The dominant will bind, whip, or use their high-ass heels to step on their submissive’s cock and balls to consensually torture them. D is for D/S
D/S refers to dominance and submission, the crux of a BDSM relationship. While kinky people can b…