oi this next generation -- millennials seriously need a waaambulance and a tissue for their issue!

GREENWICH, NEVADA For 20-something kinkster Roy Humbert, “flogging is something the older guys do. We prefer to dig into the meat of it, which is trying to “one up” each other in the kitchen at our local dungeon.”
The new rage in dungeons across the United States has been coming from the younger generation who prefer to talk about playing, rather than actually doing it. Frequently dressed in street clothes and having only a few months experience in the scene, they have strong opinions about techniques and relationships.
Tiffany Skip, an 18 year old submissive, tells The Daily Flogger, “you can really learn a lot from listening to these guys. They really sound like they know their stuff and they speak very loudly. That is dominance. It makes me tingle.”
Martin McKenzie, a 23 year old Master explained “Floggers are expensive. Talk is cheap. Only an idiot spends that kind of money on toys when you can sit around and brag about your skills for nothing.”
After one lengthy discussion of the various features of different kinds of leather, one dominant was forced to concede that he doesn’t really know how to flog, but has read extensively about it.
Many from the older generation simply don’t get it. “It isn’t rocket science. You just swing the flogger and hit a person. I don’t understand what the issue is,” lamented Master Kevin, a longtime member of the dungeon.

I mean really..."talk about flogging?"
*article from the Daily Flogger* http://www.thedailyflogger.com/next-gen-bdsmers-replace-flogging-with-talking-about-flogging/