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how to share your fantasies

ometimes sharing your fantasies is as easy as, “hey, I’m into XYZ. Want to do it with me?” But not all of us have that level of comfort with our desires. Here’s how to feel more at ease divulging your fantasies.

Get Comfortable with Those Fantasies First

It’s really hard to ask someone to do something with you in bed if you don’t feel fully comfortable with what you’re asking for. Just like the old, “you have to love yourself first before you can let someone else love you” adage, you have to honor your fantasies if you want someone to else to treat them with respect!

Part of having a healthy adult sex life is taking the time to explore our desires and learn what turns us on, without judgment. Think through your fantasies on your own (perhaps while you’re masturbating), and try to get a sense of what lights your fire. It might be helpful for you to differentiate between your fantasies and your desires. Fantasies are the things you think about that turn you on. Desires are the things…

a tribute to those boys....

pony express?

With transportation services like Uber and Lyft making millions, a new competitor from the kinky community is giving them a run for their money. The new service, Pony Express, is a local cab company powered entirely by “pony girls” and “pony boys,” men and women who pull carts and who dress and behave like human ponies.

Prices for their services vary by location, but at kink events, short rides can often be paid for simply by feeding the pony a carrot and petting them.

For longer trips, rates are competitive with other services.

When asked to comment, one of the drivers whinnied and nickered, but gave no substantive comments.

Pony Express is expected to gross more than $15 million this year in the the San Francisco area alone.