ID in the lifestyle? BDSM

We usually choose from some of these archetypes:

Kinky (both all encompassing and at the same time not)

Dom / Sub, Switch

Top / Bottom, Switch

Master / Slave or Owner / Property

Sadist / Masochist, Sadomasochist,

Het, Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transsexual

Littles - Daddy / Mommy – Little Girl / Little Boy

Daddy / girl or boy - but Not Littles

Animals / Trainers – Pony, pups, kittens, etc

We further identify by what we do from all the associated fetishes such as:

BD – Bondage and Discipline
DS - Domance, Submission
SM – Sadism, Masochism




Steel Restraints









Foot Fetish

** A 1990 Kinsey Institute report stated that 5% to 10% of Americans occasionally engage in sexual activities related to BDSM.

You're not alone! Call me and let's explore!

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Meanwhile back at the ranch lol

Area dominant “Hemp Master” accidentally tied himself to his sub and girlfriend “Genie” at a local dungeon last Friday night. During a rope scene in which Mr. Master was attempting to try a “few cool new knot tricks” he found himself confoundingly tied up. “Some 30 minutes into the scene I just got completely confused,” Help (not his real name) revealed to this reporter. “I lost track of where my ropes were going and what I was doing. I don’t know what happened next, but before I knew it my left hand was inexorably tangled in Genie’s rope work.”

“I felt him struggling,” said Genie (also not her real name). “He kept swearing under his breath. It really took me out of the scene.”

Hemp Master was forced to call over dungeon master Blade in the hopes that he could help with the puzzle. Unfortunately, the two were unable to extricate the rope man’s hand. “I found a knife,” Blade explained, “but it still took over an hour to free him. I have no clue what this guy did. Knots on top of knots. It was a mess.”

“I think he was rather humiliated,” Genie said before shutting her mouth after receiving an obvious glare from Mr. Master.

Hemp Master reportedly was last seen gathering up bits of rope and yelling at his sub to get in the car. He has not been back at the dungeon since.
Imagine that!
(news from here:

50 shades of *gagging noise*

Glad I'm not the only that thinks this way...


1) "Suddenly, he sits up and tugs my panties off and throws them on the floor. Pulling off his boxer briefs, his erection springs free."

2) "Desire pools dark and deadly in my groin."
3) "He reaches between my legs and pulls on the blue string… what! And… a gently pulls my tampon out and tosses it into the nearby toilet. Holy fuck. Sweet mother of all… Jeez."

4) “I line up the white ball and with a swift clean stroke, hit the center ball of the triangle square on with such force that a striped ball spins and plunges into the top right pocket. I’ve scattered the rest of the balls.”

5) “Don’t you like the butt drawer?”

6) “Argon? It rings a distant bell from chemistry class—an element, I think.”

7) “I sit up and reach for the orange juice, drinking it down too quickly. It’s delicious, ice cold, and it makes my mouth a much better place.”

8) Christian: “Dr. Green is coming to sort you out…”
Ana: “Why?”
Christian: “Because I hate condoms
…” Ana: “It’s my body.”
Christian: “It’s mine, too.”

9) “He’s said such loving things today … But how long will he want to do this without wanting to beat the crap out of me.”
10) “My subconscious looks on with approval, her normally pursed mouth smiling, and I am the supreme puppet master.”

spring thoughts

So ready for spring.
Bout to take a vacay.
Wish I could find some good red lipstick.
I've got Taylor Swift's "Red" stuck in my head

"I'm hoooome."

whatever happened to Miley anyhow...bit of a shame.

I mean I get it...she's finding her...but there's something to be said for this:

I mean the girl can sing.

Anyhow back to my randomness...

Other thoughts:
I'm tired of everyone being "down" I think we should start a positive movement!
I'm tired of everyone feeling "sick" I think we should start a health movement!

If you read this:I challenge you TODAY go outside, get some fresh air, hopefully sunshine and drink at least 50 ounces of water!

let me know you read this and/or did it and I'll send you a reward!

spring has sprung...

A day in the life of a Domme...

11:38 am: Woke up nice and early *grin*

11:40 Padded up the hall to the kitchen to find that dave the houseboy (my corn-fed-subbie-house boy that is around from time to time) had put on some java --wtg!

Begin taking calls on Niteflirt. Some go great, some are new callers. All are fun!

Had a new person decide to give up control -- signed a contract, working on putting him on a stricter, Mistress Approved Schedule!

Took a break about 7pm for dinner.

Last call of the night, a foot fetish call...hmmm now if someone was here to rub my feet!

It's good to be the Domme.

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