BDSM is good for you.

Bondage. It’s the new therapy.

According to science, chains and whips not only excite you; they’re also excellent for relieving stress.

Bondage is definitely having a moment, mostly thanks to Fifty Shades of Grey – coming to a cinema near you on Valentine’s Day.

And science is out to prove that a little spanking can be good for the soul, claiming some forms of BDSM may have anti-anxiety effects, as well as other mental health benefits.

A recent article by Roni Jacobson in New York Magazine investigated the positive links between BDSM and anxiety levels.

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Let me relax you
One woman who practices Shibari, a form of Japanese rope bondage, told Jacobson: ‘I do a lot of yoga and meditation. I think rope can have the same effect. When you’re tied up it’s like you’re not responsible for anything else that happens and there’s a sense of freedom in that. It’s one of the few moments where I don’t have to worry about all of my responsibilities.’

Another 22-year-old Shibari model called Gorgone agreed: ‘It’s presence. It feels like an opportunity to completely let go and to be completely present at the same time.’

‘There’s a certain release from anxiety you get from it,’ she added.

Several studies have backed up the theory. One such study has suggested that the reduction in stress experienced during bondage might be explained by how it affects the brain.

The pain experienced during bondage causes blood to flow away from the brain to the parts of the body affected. This means less blood-flow to the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain that regulates memory and executive control. This leads to a feeling of oneness, of calm.

Other research has suggested that those who like to indulge in BDSM are typically already less neurotic than those who prefer more traditional ‘vanilla’ sex.

We wonder if watching Jamie Dornan in 50 Shades 32,476 times has a similar effect on your stress levels? Probably can’t hurt.

Mr Grey will see you now.

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