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huh...the odd things that happen... let's start with a guy calling today...(now remember kiddies that I am Mistress DJ) this implies that I am, in fact, a Dominatrix. I am not a standard vanilla pso (god bless those girls on the real tho) nor am I submissive...or a switch...ok, to One...but that doesn't apply here...

so dude calls me...and proceeds to call me "hey whore, so I feel like abusing a stupid whore like you...what do you think of that..."

me : long dramatic pause, that caused this tard a sound 2.50.

then, "well, it would occur to me that I am not the one that is stupid as so far, I've made about 9.00 off of your have-to-pay-for-sex-ass...and when you get a hot girl to talk to say this?....are you so slow minded that you cannot find free porn to jack off to?"

him: dumbfounded pause that cost him a sound 2.50

me: "that's what I thought, now, since you obviously don't comprehend complex words with more than one syllable....let me break it down...