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By Jane Bianchi
Sleep-such a peaceful word, isn't it? It evokes images of closed eyes, slow breathing, dreamsand relaxation. But while you're dozing, your body's systems are doing lots of crazy things that will blow your mind. Don't worry: They're all normal. Still, you may never think of hitting the hay the same way after reading this. Photo by Getty Images.
1.Your body temperature drops.
Just before you fall asleep, your core body temperature begins to decrease, says Michael Breus, PhD, a clinical psychologist and sleepspecialist in Scottsdale, AZ, and author of The Sleep Doctor's Diet Plan: Lose Weight Through Better Sleep. This drop signals to your brain to release melatonin, which affects your circadian rhythm (or sleep/wake cycle) and tells your body it's time for bed. Your temperature is lowest around 2:30 A.M., so if you're able to, program your thermostat to rise one degree at that time for an hour or two. Otherwise, you may find yourself stealing your spouse's covers for extra warmth.
You lose weight.
One reason you should always step on a scale in the morning, not in the evening: You lose water through perspiring and breathing out humid air during the night, according to Dr. Breus. This happens during the day too, but eating and drinking while you're awake negates any weight loss. If you're sleeping just four or five hours per night, you could be canceling out whatever smart diet and exercise choices you're making during the day. To whittle your waistline, get at least seven hours of sleep per night.

3.You get taller. You won't exactly wake up feeling like the Jolly Green Giant, but you do gain height while you sleep. "The discs in your spine that act as cushions between the bones rehydrate and get bigger because the weight of your body isn't pressing down on them, like it is when you're standing," says Dr. Breus. "If you have a firm mattress, sleeping on your side in the fetal position may be best for getting taller because it decreases the load on your back."
When you're resting, your body doesn't need to work as hard or pump as much blood, so these systems slow down. Blood pressure needs to dip at night so your cardiac muscle and circulatory system have time to relax and repair, says Dr. Breus. It's especially important for people with high blood pressure to get at least seven hours of sleep to experience that temporary drop-it reduces the risk for heart disease. And if you have sleep apnea, get treatment right away because that condition can increase nighttime blood pressure, says Dr. Breus.

5. Your muscles are temporarily paralyzed. Sounds scary, but it's actually what keeps you from acting out your dreams, says Lisa Shives, MD, an internist and sleep medicine specialist in Evanston, IL, and the medical expert for Comedian Mike Birbiglia, the writer and star of the film Sleepwalk With Me, has a rare condition called REM Behavior Disorder. In his performances, he shares how dangerous it can be to do whatever weird thing is going on in your head in the middle of the night. So this is one type of paralysis you want.

6. Your eyes twitch.
During REM (aka rapid eye movement) sleep, your eyes dart from side to side, not that scientists know why exactly. Dreams occur during REM sleep, so it can be disconcerting to wake up during this deep-not light-sleep stage. You might feel most refreshed if you wake up right after you cycle through all the sleep stages, with REM occurring toward the end. Though it varies from person to person, one sleep cycle usually lasts 90 minutes, so try sleeping in intervals of 90 minutes. For example, you may find it easier to awaken after sleeping for 7.5 hours (five cycles) than after 8 hours (5⅓ cycles).

You get sexually aroused.
Just as men get erections during REM sleep, women become sexually stimulated then, too. And no, it's not tied to whether you're having that Brad Pitt dream again. Your brain is more active during REM sleep (since you're dreaming), so it requires more oxygen-as a result, blood flow all over the body increases. "There is natural clitoral engorgement because blood rushes to that area and causes swelling," says Dr. Shives. Does that make you more likely to orgasm if you engage in middle-of-the-night nooky? Scientists aren't sure, but go ahead and experiment!

8. You're more likely to have gas.
You won't be happy to hear this, but during the night, your anal sphincter muscles loosen slightly, making it easier to let out a toot or two. Luckily, your sense of smell (and your spouse's) are reduced while you sleep-that's why fire alarms were invented, because it's hard to smell smoke while you're snoozing. So even if you experience flatulence, rest assured: Nobody is likely to notice.

9. You may have a full-body spasm.
"As people fall asleep, many of them experience a full-body jerk, and it's totally normal," says Dr. Shives. As many as 70% of people experience this phenomenon in which muscles suddenly contract (the technical name for it is "hypnic jerk"). Some experts think that these spasms may have to do with anxiety and/or an irregular sleep schedule, while others think they're unavoidable. So if you like to snuggle with your spouse as you wind down in bed, be sure to pry yourselves apart before you're both out cold, or else you may accidentally shake each other awake.

10. Collagen production in your skin increases.
Collagen is a protein that strengthens blood vessels and gives skin its elasticity. When you're asleep, you're in a fasting state, so growth hormone is released to tell your fat cells to release energy stores-as it turns out, growth hormone also stimulates collagen growth. "Since collagen production spikes while you sleep, moisturizing facial creams that contain retinols and retinoids are best to use before bed because these products boost collagen turnover, combat pigment problems and fight fine lines and wrinkles," says Melanie Palm, MD, a dermatologist in Solana Beach, CA, an assistant clinical professor at the University of California, San Diego, and a staff physician at Scripps Encinitas Memorial Hospital.

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Cleanly and with passion QOTD

I’ve always been into it in fantasy going way back, and in practice taking what I could, playing around the edges of vanilla relationships. What I’ve come to realize about myself is that I cannot be happy without a strong D/s, s/m element in my lover. I feed to deeply with it for me to try to patch together a relationship, no matter how loving, without having it. So, realizing that I got involved. Started on a path to become the kind of man who can be trusted to Top a woman cleanly and with passion, and tried to find partners for whom my roles, fantasies, my dominant and sadistic nature is not an undesirable or merely tolerated inconvenience, but an asset, something prized and sought.
~ Master Foxx

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Choosing and Visiting a Pro Domme These notes are for those interested in employing a pro domme (female dominant). Some women offer professional domination (pro domme) services. A wide range of BDSM techniques and styles is available, but this does not include sexual services. A session is usually 60-90 minutes, and typically costs $200-$400. This varies by individual, location, services wanted, and other factors. The usual steps for a client: Get a reference to a pro domme. Negotiate on the phone. This usually involves 2-3 calls. Arrive at the session, pay, and do the session. Getting a Reference If you know someone who knows pro dommes, ask them. Look in the back of most "alternative"weekly papers Look on certain erotic web sites. Use E.g. enter a key word and your location. Example key words are "domme", "dominatrix", or "session", plus "bdsm" or "bondage" or similar. For location, try many forms: e.g neighborhood, city, county, region. On the Phone Choose and treat a pro domme as you would any other professional specialist - doctor, lawyer, or mechanic. They're not your lover, they're someone providing a service using relatively rare skills. Some factors to consider: Do they offer the specific techniques and style that interests you? Do you have the right energy/chemistry together? Pro dommes get lots of crank calls, time wasters, and guys hoping for free phone sex. You need to establish yourself quickly as a genuine likely session client. Be prepared to answer: How did you find me? What draws you to BDSM? What are you looking for in session? With whom have you had sessions before? Why do you want a professional session? These might not all be asked directly, but you should have thought about them beforehand. Be entirely honest, e.g. "I've not really done much, but I've got these fantasies, and I think I'm ready to try them out." Then be prepared to tell the fantasy. This is not a time to by shy or reticent. If she's a good pro domme, she's heard it all before. More importantly, she won't be judgmental. She'll appreciate your efforts at articulating any forbidden fantasies. Likely she'll say "I can give you a session in that area". The worst she'll say would be "That's outside the services I offer right now, but I can refer you to someone who does that type of session." Unless you are a repeat customer, you'll be asked to make one or more confirming calls. These allow you to show that you're serious and reliable. The calls might be to the same number, or to another. Don't miss these calls. The last call will be some minutes before the session, and you will get the exact address at that time. A pro domme relies on referrals and repeat business. So she has an interest in your being satisfied with the session. This motivates both the negotiation questions and the session itself. If distance, location, or transportation is an issue, you may ask the general area where the session will be held. Only when you've agreed on an appointment time will you get the exact address, and that may be the day of the session. Most pro dommes have a range of wardrobe. If particular appearance is important or essential to you, say so on the phone. Don't make demands, but just state any important preferences you have, e.g "Boots and corsets are a turn-on for me". Pro dommes come in many shapes, sizes and ages. On the phone she will probably describe herself. If it's not going to work for you, just say it's not what you're looking for. On the other hand, pro dommes benefit from lots of experience, so the best ones are rarely the youngest. In general, price is not negotiable. Don't try to haggle. Further, many customers tip afterwards, just as at a restaurant. Checklist for end of call: Accepted methods of payment (cash, etc.) Session date, time, and duration. Arrival time window. E.g. "Arrive 5-15 minutes early", or "Ring the bell at exactly the session time". Session location. (Approximate location at first, exact address on the day.) Entrance procedures, e.g. which bell to ring. Parking or transit issues. Callback date/time and number. At the Session Arrive on time, or slightly early. If you can't make a session, phone immediately to cancel. Even if it's 15 minutes past the appointment start time, do phone. Don't try to get free extras, such as more time or more services. On the other hand, if the session isn't turning out as you imagined, say so. E.g. "I thought I'd be into caning, but I'm finding it too stingy. I wonder if I'd like something else better, like spanking or flogging." That gives the pro domme information they can work with, while staying within the parameters of the session, and preserving the dominant-submissive dynamic. Many clients of pro dommes are quite concerned about privacy. The session space will have specific procedures so that you don't bump into other clients. Follow these procedures, even if you're not concerned about your own privacy. The venue may have multiple session rooms, and multiple dommes. Other Comments and Advice Be aware that pro dommes talk to each other. They even have their own private email lists. Someone who becomes a problem with one becomes known to them all. You're a client, not a friend. Do you expect your dentist or tax accountant to be your best friend? Don't fall in love with your pro domme. She's probably not available or interested. Someone with pro domme skills can get playmates and lovers very easily. Read the Greenery Press book "Paying for It: A Guide by Sex Workers for Their Clients", edited by our friend Greta Christina. Although most sessions are professional domination, there are some that offer professional submission (pro sub). These same principles apply. A pro sub session will have a third person as safety spotter, and so generally cost a little more. Web sites Professional BDSM and clients discussion group on Fetlife Pro Domme Direcctory group on Fetlife Pro Domme Network group on Fetlife, a SFBA review and advertizing site Referrals If you wish, we can refer you to an ethical, experienced pro domme. If you want this, email us with this information: Explicit permission to pass your note to candidate pro dommes. Contact information (email and/or phone). Your approximate geographic location. What is your BDSM experience, if any? What draws you to BDSM? What are you looking for in session? With whom have you had sessions before, if any? Why do you want a professional session?

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Today the question was posed (by a nylon fetishist no less) "How long have you been Dominant DJ?"

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random sexy saturday

from here:
A dominatrix said to me
if you like pain then we shall see
just how excruciatingly
your pain greets sensuality.
I looked at her quite nervously
but answered with servility.
She cracked her whip quite rhythmically
it touched my flesh arousingly,
more, more, I purred excitedly
she smiled at me salaciously,
' You are my slave you must agree
' ' Oh yes ' I groaned compliantly.
I gave myself most willingly
as she looked down imposingly,
her servant I will always be
subservient to tyranny,
I am the lock and she the key
that opens my frigidity.