Yes, yes I do have a line for VIPS only! do not call unless you are invited (a paid VIP member) Yes I know who my VIPS are, if you call anyhow, you'll be blocked! I had someone laugh and say "I'm just a PSO, what am I doing with a VIP" window lickers will be window a VIP fee, and in a fancy club you get bottle service and the company of a beauty. Don't blame me if you don't have the worldly knowledge OR the class to comprehend this..

Besides, the intellectuals and entrepreneurs that call me like to have a "few hour" I make it a reasonable rate for those VIPS...yeah, it's not for the one minute wankers!

That nastiness aside...if you're wanting to sign up?

"I want to be the girl with most cake..."

************* an aside note, many of you are on the east coast...getting hit by hurricane Sandy...I appreciate those that checked in...(that's why I sent some minutes for you!) get in touch when you can, but mostly, stay safe!!! XOXO DJ

gonna eat me a lot of peaches...and why I'm a country girl!

If I had my little way... they need to include us country girls on the west coast :P just sayin' XOXO D to the J
that said, so far so good today... messing with subnod...(how's that cb?) hahahahah! also, reminding ya'll to vote. can't bitch if you don't vote.

To the the left...and a wish list!

first off:
and.... let it be known...there's now a Hello Kitty/Sanrio Wish list... you. go shop. now. :P Dear Follower of DJ Your friend has sent you this link to their Sanrio Wish List. To see it, just click on the link below or copy and paste it into your browser: that said...

I'm so excited--BALLOT ARRIVED!!!

So first off, I got a package on Saturday. Fed Ex delivered it...and nifty nifty dontcha know it was some new slippers? Thank you much for that V! Besides that, I go to check my mail today, and there is a notice of a package in there AND my ballot...GOOOOOOOOOBAMA!!! :) anyhow, it's been a lazy weekend. I think something is kicking up in the air, whatever it is, I'm not likin' it! Welcome to the new VIP and I'm sure there's more to post but: <3 yep, I still got a crush on Obama. Just remember...the repubs/right would like to shut down what I am so very good at... Obama lets live and let live... So this Domina will forever have a crush on Obama! XOXO DJ

good times

hmmm such interesting times. So, I got to be an evil doer. I got to have a lesbian (with a tg) experience. I got to demand someone whore themselves out for me. I was a consultant to crossdressing and had many in my masturbation class. It's been a good day. lol cheers dj Inertia Creeps as do I