Masturbation should join.

Masturbation. Self-Pleasure. Even as a young man, you begin understanding masturbation as a release, an escape and a way to relieve yourself of sexual tension.

Masturbating is easy...anyone can do it. Most men don't have a concept of how to masturbate well. Did you know? It actually is illegal to jerk-off/masturbate/wank it/ in public? Yes, I know you naughty boys do. Often times, you will find you want the company of another. Whether is mutually watching, or someone (ME) watching you. It replicates sexual contact. This feeling is 100 times more amazing if you are guided/led through your masturbation/wanking under a Dominatrix who loves your depravity.

Why Jerk Off by yourself?

Masturbating alone is monotonous. There is no variety, there are no surprises. You could get caught, yes...but you still know what it's going to feel like. The main point is, sex...whether alone or with another should always be fun and an adventure.

Guided masturbation, or Masturbation Class is never boring...It is a challenge to the mind set of a man to please in how you please another with your stroking. To please a sexy Domme with your self-pleasuring is a feeling that can't be compared. Every 'class' is different, each time a challenge...will you be edged? Will you be expected to release on command?

Giving up Control

To give up control of your masturbation requires you to give up all control of your pleasure path. While being led and taught new ways of must let go of what you think you know. Receive every feeling/every moment. The challenge of following directions to the letter, you must be fully aware and in the moment. Edging and stopping add to this excitement.

When you don't get to decide when to 'cum'.

Tease and denial. Scary huh? Do you think you can resist temptation? Can you hold off on cumming? Probably not. There are things you can do to cease the orgasm. The endurance you will build will be amazing. You will be able to last longer than before. masturbation. You should never assume that I will allow you to release. But you should, instead, enjoy every new technique taught...and every tactile sensation.

My Masturbation Class is for those that enjoy giving up control of themselves and their cocks. It takes a real man to give me control of his cock. Does that describe you? If it does, let's talk.

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what's whos and hows...

So... I guess I have to ask...

Do you really think I sit around in Domme wear all day? I rarely wear it any how. I mean, the whole Betty look is sexy, but it's just not me. I'm more likely to wear workout clothes whilst putting my foot in your arse. That said, people ask favorites and what not for gifting purposes...
So here goes:
1. I live in the country, I don't like the city. I'm an animal person and couldn't imagine trying to live in confined quarters.
2. yes, some of you have pictures of my dungeon, albeit in my's my dungeon.
3. I love the colors: chocolate brown, rich black, sunset orange, rich green etc...earthtones mostly.
4. How did I get started doing this? long story but a Domme friend of mine (during college years) retired and taught me the trade :)
5. would I give it up? I can't see that happening.
6. favorite flower: stargazer lily I HATE ROSES
7. favorite music: anything danceable, that includes, hip hop, some techno (not the thumping raver crap), middle eastern vibe etc :)
8. favorite food: thai, ethiopian, italian and mexican...but remember, I AM vegetarian.
9. favorite characters: sanrio hello kitty and chococat
10. I love when people acknowledge what I do, a small tribute, a heartfelt note or a gift from my wish list.
That said,
now you know
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This is a story about control...


I've been Domming since I was 21...believe me, your depravity will notshock me.

What is it like to give up control?

To give yourself over, having ZERO control left for yourself?

If you have ever dared to delve into those dark know those ones you dare barely utter?...
I am the one that can take you there!

To that place called called sub-space...that place that has no words other than blissed.
The question is, are you ready to share those deviant thoughts of bondage, whippings, smothering, body worship, extreme edging, chastity and other deviant BDSM thoughts?

when you're ready to NOT be in control..
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nicccccccccccce! Gangam Star

and... catchy ass thing: makin' bacon pancakes :) DJ Who is now dancing

Cum Play with Me

I have had a long weekend and would love to cum out and play...


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Sexy Saturday?

Hell yeah! I'm all over that...
So long time no update...time to call out some people...

Let's see:
Anna-bitch...yeah I'm on you now like white on rice.

Jo Jo...Do you think I've forgotten?

Dani...hahahha, yeah...I've got plans for you... received...boy am I gonna get you!

Chris...I'm calling out the howling hippies, but the perfume is delish!

That's enough for now...
Swats... DJ