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the system is being sometimey for connecting....please keep trying.

Big thanks for the generosity related to Evony....if you are in game--please remember to thank KDSPhantom as he's my Emperor there....he contributes to your Mistress' happiness...respect is due.

Let's see....

brad, you silly sissy ass, your package came back, dont know what went wrong, but im sure you did it....haha

tim, you nasty bitch, join my vip and you need to call me and update me on your trip


I stayed up enjoying the Emperor's company (an all nighter) so I took the night off...

That DOESNT let ya'll off the hook for the rest of the weekend tho.


My amazon list is updated for you spoilies....

FISHPASTE you + a tennis racquet = big funny, I wanna picture of yer butt.... going to take a nap...