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Subs that play too much....

Let me just put it out you think this is a joke? Do you think it's a game? To some of you "oh I'm gonna call and jerk it for 5 minutes in fantasy land" maybe it is...

However today, got a call from a "CJ" and he sends alllllllll kinds of incriminating evidence....I could mortify him at this point. Sissy ass bitch hung up too!

This isn't a game subs.

sissy ass cock sucking brad can attest to that...
how's your ass brad?

fishpaste can attest to it? he got a beat down!

and now a new toilet slut is about to learn....

....I don't play....bitches.

That said, this is my first post here's the special weekender package:

mp3, 3 photos and 5 minutes!